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Tips and Tricks

This is the place to discuss tips and tricks that can help us all become better video designers and creators!

How To

Let’s use this category for any topic that goes in the line of ‘How to create a video like NowThis, BBC, CNN etc’. A lot of users have asked us these questions on live chat and public forums like Quora. We thought it’s best to manage them under a category so that it’s easy for all to read and learn. Cheers!

Product Updates

Folks from Typito will update new features / improvements and other goodies in this section. So watch out closely.

Top Videos

We celebrate the best videos created on Typito on this forum! To get started, we call out 3 best videos created the previous week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Product Feedback

Here’s the forum to share feedback on Typito - what sucks, what can improve and what’s working well for you. We can only democratise video creation with feedback from our creators and this is the place for that. . Points for being honest and brutal!