Can I edit an interview on Typito?

As part of a college project, I’ll be producing an interview show. I’m looking for professional looking text templates that I could use for the episode. Can Typito help?


Based on how much I’ve used Typito, I believe you can edit an interview well on the tool. Especially with their recent branded lower third templates editing an interview is very exciting I feel.

Create a new project on Typito with your interview footage. Once the project is created,

Step 1: Add your channel logo to the video. As you’ve mentioned that this is for a college project I’m not sure if you’ve a logo. But, if you do here is everything on how you can add a logo to the video and manage it’s duration

Step 2: Choose the branded template of your choice. Add the image and text based on your video. I created a GIF to show how you can you do it.


Step 3: I’m not very sure if you’re looking forward to adding music to your video. But I would prefer to add some music to the video. Typito has got a music library of its own but you can also upload your own music if required. There is also an option of controlling the background and added music volumes.



I think this is a great way to marry branded templates and interview videos! If the interviewee or presenter represents a company, you can also add the company’s logo in a branded template. Here’s an example for Branded Templates using a company logo.



Thanks, I had the same query :+1: