Can I swap out the video in a duplicate project while keeping the text and subtitles intact?

I am wondering if there is a way to save a copy of a project so I can just swap out the video and keep the text and subtitles intact.

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If you’ve two videos lets call them Video A and Video B. Video A is of 60 seconds and you’ve already added the text overlays you were looking for. Now you want to replace Video A with Video B but keep the text just the way it was. This can be done on Typito in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Make a copy of the Project file

Once you’re on your homepage, take the cursor to the project tile and make a copy of the project as shown in the GIF below.
Community Gabe 1

Step 2: Upload the second video (B)

You can upload the video in the Media section on the left panel. Once the upload is complete, you can click on the video tile to add it to the timeline.

Here’s a GIF to explain this better:
Community Gabe 2

Step 3: Delete the first video (A)

Once you select the footage, you can remove it from the timeline by clicking on the bin button.

Just as shown in this GIF:
giphy (2)

Once this is done, Video A will be replaced by Video B without disturbing the text overlays created. Only thing to remember is that if Video B is longer or shorter in duration than Video A, then certain adjustments at the end of the video will be necessary.