Can product videos help to increase my eCommerce sales?

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I haven’t integrated video content onto my online store yet, and I’m looking to understand how to boost my eCommerce sales using product video. If anyone’s created such videos, I’d like to know more about the work process. Also, what are the kinds of videos I could create? :thinking:

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@amandakim, yes!

@Ankitha published a case study recently on how one of our customers, a Shopify store owner, used emoji videos to improve the click through rate on Facebook Ads they deployed to sell their products. Here’s the link - I hope this would help you with some perspective on how to leverage videos for increasing e-commerce sales. :blush: :+1:t2:


It’s great that you’re looking at video content for your website and once you get working with video you’ll be sure to notice what an effective strategy it makes to boost your revenue.

Let’s go over the first part of your question-

Understanding how product videos boost eCommerce sales

There’s a ton of research on how and why video is effective for marketing but here are a few highlights:

One of the most obvious advantages video has over text and images is how effortlessly it engages with viewers, and the auto-play feature just makes this smoother. And according to Google about 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product before even visiting a store.

Videos are great for demos, which gives a potential customer a better idea of how a product works, and may result in a more confident purchase decision. In fact, embedding videos in your landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

It draws traffic from social media platforms as well. According to Hubspot about 73% of consumers worldwide prefer seeing videos on social media that are "entertaining."

Since Google displays regular search results that more inclusive to videos, images, news, and other media and hence optimizing video content can give your webpage an added benefit when it comes to ranking.

So if you’re wondering how to go about creating a plan of action here are some ideas to consider:

A starting point would be to understand your potential customers. Much of how to tailor a video would directly depend on how well you connect with your target audience.

The same kind of video may not really work for all your products. As painstaking as it may seem, I found creating different videos in different styles helped me learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and how to target one goal at a time with each video whether it meant product, branding, or promotions.

I try to plan my videos to be as short as possible so make them shareable and engaging, but this varies according to the aim and intent of your product. For example, selling a vacuum cleaner would probably need more screen time highlighting its features than something like handmade pots.

When planning for your shoot, it helps to include several angles and close-ups to be able to highlight its best features.

It helps to keep your content organized. This makes it easier to reach out to different shopper demographics or other groups effectively.

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Video content works well on all devices, so a smart approach when planning your videos would be to consider mobile usage :+1:

Statista estimated that by 2019 the number of mobile phone users will reach 4.68 billion. If you’re looking to boost e-commerce sales with video, planning for videos that are compatible with mobile devices might certainly help you.

To answer your question about what kind of videos you can create, here are some ideas that may help you:

· Product Close Ups

· Product Tutorials

· Product video Manuals (Setup, Installation, Troubleshooting)

Here are some other resources that helped me when planning for product videos that you might find resourceful-

I’m sure with the responses from this community and these guides you’ll be able to create your own videos smoothly. Good luck!

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