How can I copy over settings and template for a new file?

Think I have a common problem here. I made a video for YouTube with text and watermark.

All good there, but here’s my problem: I want to create another video with exactly the same settings but for square aspect ratio (Instagram and Facebook). Is there a simple way to do this?


This is a very common use-case for most creators on Typito.

To summarise the requirement: we need an easy way to preserve all the editing that’s done for a YouTube video project let’s call it Food Video YouTube ) and use it to quickly get the Instagram and Facebook versions of the same video ready - let’s call them Food Video Instagram and Food Video Facebook. And yes, we want to have square (1:1 and not 16:9 aspect ratio) in the videos for Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Create a Project Copy

You can create the copy of a project with just one click on your Home page. This preserves all the edit information as it was in the previous project (Food Video YouTube). Here’s how you can do it:

giphy (86)

Let’s call this project Food Video Instagram

2. Make it a Square Video

Next step is to make the video square (1:1 aspect ratio). Typito lets you create 2 type of Square videos:
a. Square Simple - it crops the edges to fit the video in Square
b. Square Letterbox - it scales down the 16:9 video and adds letterbox (top and bottom) to make it Square.

You can find these options by clicking on ‘Resize’ that’s next to the logo on Typito Edit page:

giphy (91)

If you go for Square Letterbox option you can also decide to have your brand colours for the letterbox area. That’s a great way to push your brand :). Here’s how you do it:

giphy (92)

Your Square video is now ready with all the elements added on the video.

3. Resize Text / Images if needed

Please note that Typito resizes the graphics (text and images) intelligently when it converts the video to Square from Widescreen (16:9). If you think you want to tweak that a little by resizing the graphics, you can do that without losing the aspect ratio of those elements. It’s pretty well explained in this answer here - How do I resize an image without losing the aspect ratio?. Hope that helps.

With the resized overlay elements and the new 1:1 aspect ratio, your video should be good to go for Facebook and Instagram.

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I have a bit of a unique problem here. I have two videos for YouTube and Instagram. The Facebook version is slightly over a minute and Instagram edited for under a minute.
Would it be possible to copy over the text and other data from the edited (YouTube video) to the newly uploaded video (Instagram). I think it would be easier for me to move around the text to the correct positions than create everything from scratch for the Instagram video.

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‘Saved Templates’ feature could be the right pick for you. It basically lets you select an element (or multiple of them) and save the selection as a template for use in the same project or other projects. Animation behavior and position of all the elements would be preserved as it is. This is also a great way to save elements that you will frequently use on your videos - eg. Outro card, Intro title etc.

Here’s a GIF that explains how you can save an element or group of elements as a template.

giphy (76)

In your case, you could save all the text elements that have a group behavior as separate templates (in ‘Saved’ section) and then add them on the new video as you see fit. Benefits - you don’t have to worry about how long they should be on the video / relative positions / group animation behavior. If a lot of them are clogging the ‘Saved’ section, you can also delete them from the section after use.


I had a similar query. Thanks @Matthew for the detailed explanation.

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