How can I promote my YouTube videos through social media?

Hey Guys,

I have a bulk of content up on YouTube and I’m looking for smart ways to promote these videos through social media. For the moment I’m considering three platforms- Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

I’m not really looking to advertise or at paid promotions since I don’t have the budget for it just yet. But I figure there are other smarter ways to promote video content.

Can anyone help with ideas on this? :bowing_man: Even the most basic video promotion strategy you use might really help me. Thanks!

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Video creators have worked out some smart strategies to promote their video content on social media that doesn’t cost a dime! :money_mouth_face: Something I learned when exploring other social media platforms was to pay careful attention to what kind of content fits with which social media platform. A simple example would be focusing on stronger image content for Instagram, but GIFs or shorter previews for something like Snapchat.

One of the things I’ve realized is that instead of randomly sharing content, it may help to post it in groups or pages that have similar interests as your channel. I’ve been doing the same and I find that it’s not only more focused, but it gets the right kind of audience talking about your channel.

What I like about Instagram and Facebook is that it’s a lot more flexible and it allows me to directly publish a mix of photos, teasers on my profile. I started by posting photos and snippets that were meant to drive followers to my YouTube channel. This works well if you do short teasers that announce the release of a new video.

Another trick is to use more of square videos. I found it a bit tricky to adjust the aspect ratio of the videos but Typito sorts that out for me neatly. Square videos work well on both Instagram and Facebook, you don’t have to take my word for it but stats show how Video consumption on mobile has increased since 2013, and more than half of video views take place on mobile.

I am yet to try out Snapchat but from what I’ve read so far it’s great to engage with a younger viewer base.

A few helpful resources I’ve noted which you might want to review are:


Hey Dave!

A really great tip I came across was about how to use tags smartly. I’m guessing you already use tags :tipping_hand_woman:, but here’s a tip I keep in mind to make sure the tagging is relevant.

  • Anyone who has contributed directly to the video, or is in the video seems obvious, but it’s also helpful to tag popular pages that may have inspired the video or who you think would be interested in your video.

  • Another point that might helps build engagement with your audience is the kind of copy you add alongside your video post. Facebook posts give me space to accommodate longer copies but I find shorter posts drive more clicks back to my YouTube. To engage with my audience I normally include questions or quote from my video that might prompt an interesting opinion, this usually pumps up the comment section. Emojis are also a great way to make your posts more fun and have a more approachable tone.

Lastly, much of this is trial and error in the beginning so keep a close eye on the viewer metrics that Facebook and Instagram generates on your insights page. This really helped me understand how well my video did and what worked and what didn’t.

Good Luck!:metal: