How do corporate videos contribute to business development?

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The obvious answer might seem ‘yes’; that corporate videos are important for businesses online, but I’m looking to understand more about how these work and how to create such videos. If anyone has worked with similar projects, I would love to hear your take-aways and suggestions on:

How do corporate videos really contribute to business development? And, what are some of the videos I could create for a start-up?

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Definitely! Corporate videos contribute to not only business development, but also help with creating brand awareness, building a strong corporate identity, and boosting sales and marketing.

What potential do corporate videos really have?

Video content is a more engaging than other media, but more than engaging, incorporating videos helps ranking with search engines, giving you an advantage over brands that don’t use them. In fact, 88 percent of businesses are already using video as part of their marketing strategy and plan to increase their video marketing spend in 2019.

Here’s some more numbers to put that in perspective:

Since we know YouTube is owned by Google, and it’s the second largest search engine, I would recommended uploading your videos directly to YouTube, before embedding the video to your website.

Before you start off creating videos it’s essential to know why you’re creating content, who you’re creating it for and most importantly, what you’d want it to achieve for your business.

What can Corporate Videos do for your business and brand?


Videos have secured an essential spot as part of any successful marketing campaign. It doesn’t get better than a viral video spreading the word about your brand. Your product will be out there in the forefront people’s minds.

Apart from functioning as an insightful way to engage viewers with the kind of products and service which your company deals with, video also give you an interactive platform for new launches.

Brand image

As a vital part of your business, your brand is the essence of what you represent as a company. Video branding helps customers to identify with and recognize your brand and ultimately become a part of their preference. Having a smart promo video that encapsulates the essence of your brand will help keep customers hooked on to your services.

Tell a compelling story

Apart from selling and returns, videos are also a space to really connect with your viewers and I don’t mean just the brand and what you do, but who you really are as a company and what you stand for. This stimulates a sense of credibility with your potential customers.

You can use video to creatively tell a story about your company, its team, and testimonials from clients. This also helps showcase the kind of community built with your employees and customers.

Lastly, since you mentioned start up, the good thing about videos is that you can create these yourself and won’t have to shell off too much from your budget.

As a social media marketeer myself, I find it’s a sensible investment really, and I can think of no reason why you should miss out on the benefits of having a corporate video for your brand.

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While working on your content also keep a tab on the length of your video. Wistia’s research shows that videos up to 2 minutes long hold viewers’ attention; then there’s a drop off. Attention picks up again for videos between 6 and 12 minutes long. Somewhere between should be ideal.

I think videos are more engaging when they’re interactive. Some of the ways I’ve seen companies try to do this is by using FAQ and webinar videos.

For any company Quality support and customer service are critical and doing this through video might just make your support response proactive. Videos such as these can deal with the details of frequently asked questions or provide detailed visual instructions on popular queries about your product or services. Here’s a great example by MuleSoft on how this can be done. This seems to really enhance a company’s support system as well.

The second idea you could explore is webinars- another great way to create and leverage long-form video content. Currently, more than 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing strategies. A lot of marketers tend to make their webinars freely accessible but require participants to submit feedback in exchange, which is valuable to any marketing team. Try to keep these more quality oriented as a form of knowledge sharing and not focused of driving sales. Apart from quality content, compelling visuals, audience engagement, and an interactive Q&A session at the end will definitely help with stimulating active participation. Consider using a custom hashtag to drive audience to share your videos on social media if they’re interested. Here’s a more detailed guide if you’re looking to explore webinars for your business -

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If you’re blocked with ideas, here are some great examples that might help you get inspired! You should totally check these out :point_right:

It got great examples from companies like Hubspot, IKEA, Grant Associates and more.