How do I adjust the volume between the speech in my video and the background music I want to add?

Hey all. I am pretty new to the Typito experience and figuring my way out. I want to create videos featuring interviews that open with nice music and then when people start speaking in the video, I want to focus on the their voice while music plays in the background with low volume.

I know it has something to do with the audio settings, but not sure exactly what I need to do. I will appreciate any help with this.

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Hey Chris,

Welcome to the Typito community! Thank you for sharing the details about how you want to use the music and voiceover. I understand it might take some time to get used to some finer controls in Typito. Let me help you here with a step by step tutorial.

Since your work revolves around editing interview videos, I thought, why not create a tutorial revolving around a similar video. So I’ve chosen a job interview video. I have demonstrated the steps using a project where I’ve added an intro slide (to open the video with music and text title), show people talking after that, and then added an outro to end the video.

Check out the preview below:

Note - if you want to know how to add intro and outro slides into your video, you can check the link here.

Now let me walk you through a step by step guide to create a video with a smooth transition and mixing between voiceover and music.

Step 1 - Uploading the right kind of music that goes well with your video’s overall style is essential.

Click on the “AUDIO” tab in the left panel and click on “Upload” to browse through your system files and upload the audio.

If you are looking for free music without copyright restrictions, checkout the YouTube Music Library here:

Step 2 - Click on the file you’ve uploaded, and it will automatically get added to the video.

You can also choose music from our music library that goes well with snackable marketing videos.

Please note that some of the music is protected by Creative Commons License. Though you can use the music for free, you are required to add credits for those files when you publish them online. You can find the credits on the video preview page after exporting the project.

Step 3 - Now we have background music added to a video with 3 clips (an intro slide, the video clip with people talking, and the outro). To change the volume level for each clip, which is in this case, you need to toggle to ‘Change volume for each clip’ option from 'Change volume for the project.’ option.

You’ll find this option under the “AUDIO” tab at the very top.


Note - Let’s quickly look at the volume controls you have:

'Background’ slider is adjusted when you want to change the volume level of the audio that is part of the raw video you uploaded initially

And, ‘Music’ slider is adjusted when you want to change the volume level of the audio that you’ve uploaded manually to the project in Typito

  1. Now let’s adjust the volume for our intro - The intro slide that I’ve added doesn’t have a voiceover or any music yet. It has the title of a video shown on a static image. So for the intro, let’s just adjust the volume for ‘Music’
  • Click on the intro clip on the timeline to adjust the volume level for that particular clip.

  • I’ve set the ‘Music’ slider level to ‘60’ so that it doesn’t sound too loud or low, but soothing enough to the user’s ears.

    You can check out how the intro sounds after this adjustment here:

  1. Now let’s adjust the volume of the background music for the portion with the voiceover - For the second clip, I want the voice to be louder so that we can listen to the people talking clearly. The background music needs to be supporting the content and not act as a distraction. Here I need to adjust the slider for both ‘Background’ and ‘Music.
  • Click on the second clip, to adjust the volume level for this clip.


  • Now set the volume level by adjusting both the sliders accordingly. I’ve set the ‘Background’ slider to ‘50’ and the ‘Music’ slider to ‘5’ so that the music doesn’t overpower the voice.


    Check out the video here -

Note: When you adjust the volumes for different clips. Typito automatically adds a slight audio transition between the two clips.

  1. Now let’s work on the outro - outro slide like the intro needs to show up with the soothing music in the background.
  • Click on the third clip to set the volume level precisely the same as your intro video.

  • Set the ‘Music’ slider level to ‘60’ again, so that the volume level follows uniformity in both intro and outro.

    Check out the video here -

Note - I’ve added transitions between the clips to help video progress smoothly when it changes from one clip to the other. To know more about transitions click here

And we have come to the end of this tutorial. I hope this was useful, and it simplified the process for you. If you need any further help you can reply here, ask the community or reach out to us on live chat.

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