How do I build brand identity with an explainer video?

Explainer videos are a great strategy for marketing, and I wanted to learn ways that I could use explainer videos to build and promote a company’s brand image? What kind of content or style can I explore?

Has anyone worked with similar projects, or come across any resourceful material, do share your ideas :slight_smile:

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Hello Becca!
Explainer videos are an excellent way to tell your brand’s story whether your company deals with simple physical products or intangible services.

In addition to this, the educational effect that explainer videos have draws in more qualified leads, streamlines sales and helps make a more engaging and time efficient pitch.

The different kinds of explainer videos you can create for a brand can range from complex animations to simple videos, but I would suggest not getting too caught up with too much technicality, in the end you only need to show people the big bright idea your company endorses. It’s best to keep it simple.

I’ve noticed that most explainer videos seem to use a problem-solution format. This posits your brand as a key solution for a problem is presented in the video.

Here are some of the types of videos you can consider:

Benefits video

Testimonial videos

FAQ videos

To get the maximum visibility, in addition to sharing it on your landing page, you will still need to share it across relevant platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or any other relevant social media platforms where your customers could benefit from it.

Hope this helps.

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Hey Becca :grin:

@davepaul :raised_hands: You’ve covered that quite well, thanks!

Since your focus is on explainer videos for brand identity make sure to keep the tone of your video in line with the company’s brand persona. This means everything from your tone of the script, to the style of your video needs to be cohesive with what your brand emanates. Think of it this way, if it’s fun or casual business, you can choose to create a lighter tone entertaining video with a bit of humour; sort of like what the Dollar Shave Club did. If the company has more serious dealings, it’s best to stay formal and professional.

I find that the overall style for a video or even the format of the video depends on the product or service offered. If it’s a software or tool, say like Typito, for example, creating a video that shows an actual working on screen would work best. If it’s more of a general service offered, a video with text animation would work better. If you’re using text captions, do include a voice over too, it helps to explain content more concisely, and draw focus to the keywords captioned.

A branded branded color palette is another great way to reinforce your branding though an explainer video. In keeping with the style and tone, use colors from your website and logo to make sure the colour scheme in the video compliment your brand. This will also help you stay consistent with your style.

Keep an eye out on viral video ad campaigns, there’s always a thing or two new you can pick up for these. One the most popular examples you’ll probably come across is theDollar Shave Club video ad campaign. The video has been viewed over 22 million times, with 1.1 million subscribers, and most recently a $1 Billion all-cash acqusition by Unilever. It nailed a video style that helped it highlight the company’s distinct sense of humor, and unique brand experience, despite selling something as ordinary as razor blades.

There’s surely a lot that explainer videos can branding, I hope you found this useful.

Good luck with your video campaign Becca! We’d love to hear more from you :hugs:

When coming up with ideas for an explainer video for a brand I find it helpful to look at what the other popular brands are creating. I don’t mean just copy-cat n inspiration, but I find this really helps explore new formats, styles and helps get a better understanding of how to sync brand image, style and content.
Here’s a great example of an explainer video Hubspot put out-

They’ve also covered about 17 of the top explainer videos according to them, if you’ve like to check these out to kick start inspiration here’s a link.

Also, if you’re wondering about video length - Hubspot estimates a video length of 30-90 seconds for explainer videos, which works up to a script of around 200 words or less in most cases. Keep it short, and try to avoid any lengthy and detailed back-story or explanation. Choose to focus on the most essential detail and one very specific problem that the company is choosing to tackle. In fact start with the problem so that users know what to expect in the rest of the video