How do I create a cool video wedding invitation using Typito?

Hey guys :grin:
I’m looking to create a video wedding invitation for a friend, but since I’ve never created something like this before I’m at odds about where to begin or how long the video invite is supposed to be.
I want to create something simple like a picture montage since I have a ton of photos.

Would be great if you guys can suggest how to go about it. Thank you!

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Hello Sophie :grin:

Videos certainly make for an out-of-the box idea as invites. But what we really love about video invites is how easy and convenient these are to share across social media platforms, which saves a whole lot of time and effort. As to your query on how to go about it, don’t worry we’ll help you work it out effortlessly!

Since you’ve mentioned you have a ton of photos, let’s start from there :thinking:

It’s a lovely gesture to use photographs for a wedding invite to add a personal touch. Once you’ve selected the photos you want to use for your video, try arranging these to tell a story or maybe as markers to trace significant memories.

To answer your doubts about the video length, we suggest keeping the video short and crisp, preferably between 60 seconds to 1 minute 40 seconds. Anything over 2 minutes may feel like a drag.

Don’t worry about not being able to use a lot of photos; you can always save those for a wedding teaser or even a wedding film later.

Now that we’ve got the content and duration of your video sorted, let’s look at some interesting intros that can be used. We have some beautiful intro’s specially designed for wedding invites on Typito Templates. Just like all our templates, these can be customized it to suit your video. Here’s what I’m talking about-

The next important part of the invite - details. Depending on the kind of photos used, you can get creative with where to place your captions. Do not forget to share all the relevant details- like the date, time, and location. I prefer to use formal fonts and bright colours since it’s easier to read, but it’s entirely up to you. Stylized fonts personalise the video, especially if it fits with the wedding theme. I’ve seen this work where couples have had really funky wedding themes and the videos were crafted in the same manner.

Since you’re using Typito, it’s easy to share video invites directly across platforms like Facebook, and YouTube [we did promise to save you time and effort :sunglasses:]

We hope this simplified the process for you. If you have any more queries don’t hesitate to reach out to us again. Good luck!:+1:


Also, it might help to do a test run first by sending it to a friend or sibling, just to make sure the video is compatible with both Android and iOS, if you’re sending it across a platform like WhatsApp. I did this with a friend’s birthday video invite; turns out I got the timing wrong and had a few typos. This saved me a lot of hassle not to mention the embarrassment it would have caused.

Apart from that it looks like you’re good to go! :ok_hand:


Absolutely! ^

I’d also recommend giving handwriting fonts a try. They somehow give the feeling of an handwritten note :scroll: :fountain_pen: (the reason why many prefer to use it?). You can check out some really cool free handwriting fonts in Google Fonts -

You can add them on Typito using the Custom Fonts feature. Instructions here - Cheers!


Thanks @Alex and @davepaul :blush:
@Matthew Thanks for the tip on using handwriting fonts. This feature makes working with text more flexible :star_struck: Nice one!