How do I create a pre-recorded video for my online fitness or wellness class?

If you’ve chosen to prepare pre-recorded training videos as part of your online modules for students, you will want to check out this thread and learn how you can go about it from step 0.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for yoga, wellness, dance and fitness studios trying to move online. You can find it here:

There are two types of videos you can create for your online fitness and wellness class; Pre-recorded videos and live streaming sessions.

We would like to suggest a process to create pre-recorded videos for your online fitness and wellness classes.

Production Phase:

YouTuber Christina has published a video on How to Film Fitness Videos on YouTube. I suggest you check it out to know more about the camera setup, lighting and more.

Post-Production Phase

The main step of post-production is to edit your videos right. During the production phase, if the videos were shot well then post-production is an easier task. We suggest you opt for a video editing tool that’s easy to use and has a great support team to walk you by anything you’ll need.

We recommend you give Typito a try. Typito allows you to cut and stitch the video clips together, add overlays and text graphics, music and much more.

On Typito you can create your fitness/wellness video in 5 simple steps

Step 1

Upload the files

Open a new project by uploading your video clips to the Typito timeline and cut and stitch clips together.

Step 2

Choose the Aspect Ratio

Based on the platform you want to publish the video on, choose the aspect ratio. Typito offers a wide collection of aspect ratio formats to suit your social media needs. The video editor offers formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn platforms for various use-cases.

Step 3

Add your Logo/watermark

Adding watermark to your videos is one of the best ways to ensure that your work is exclusively yours and doesn’t fall prey to plagiarism. You can check out on another thread where we clearly mention how to add watermark to your videos on Typito.

Step 4

Add text Overlays

Typito offers a wide collection of text overlays and caption templates to choose from. They’ve templates for titles, lower thirds, and outro cards along with branded templates. For a fitness/wellness video, we suggest you use the title graphics to mention the name of routines, exercises and also have a timer on screen for ‘do it with me’ videos.

Step 5

Add Audio

You can have a background score of your choice or choose from Typito’s music collection.