How do I grow business for my online wellness and fitness studio and get more paying subscribers?

When you move your wellness and fitness studio online, you essentially upgrade your ability to reach prospects. You hypothetically have no limits on the number of students you can have and your reach is not limited to a 10 mile radius of where your physical studio existed :). However, that would also mean you also face competition from many instructors across the world and the key is to adopt digital marketing, social media and other channels to stay at the top. We will use this thread to discuss how to grow your wellness and fitness business online.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for yoga, wellness, dance and fitness studios trying to move online. You can find it here:

We came across this article by Wpbeginner that clearly states some helpful Tips to Grow Your Business Online. We suggest you check out the article and some other tips that we’ve gathered too.

  • Offering free trials to participants

This is one of the most useful tips that most fitness/wellness studios and instructors should practice. Offer free online trials to participants before trying to convert them to your paying users. Especially for an online studio, it is important that users get a glimpse of what exactly they are signing up for. This is the time when the instructor can create a rapport with the potential user and ensure that they’re enjoying your online classes. According to a study done by Uscreen, fitness studios that offer free trials make more money than the ones who don’t offer.

The average income for a studio:

> * Without a free trial – $5637
> * With a free trial – $9575

  • Choosing the right platform

Find the most appropriate platforms to reach out and interact with your potential customers. This can differ from studio to studio. One of the first steps we suggest is to do a bit of research on social media. For instance, Instagram has several fitness related trending hashtags which can be leveraged to reach out to more people with your online studio. We also recommend you to create content in different formats to reach out to more people. According to Smart Insights, videos are a hardworking form of content and using them at different stages of your marketing funnel and across different channels can help make the customer journey smoother and shorter. Be it videos, design posters, audio or blogs, use them all wisely to reach out to more people.

  • Create Snackable videos

Similar to free online trial classes, give your potential users a taste of what’s in store for them. Create smaller snackable versions of your classes/sessions. These smaller versions should be well edited and should give a glimpse of what exactly to expect from the paid classes. These snackable versions can be shared across different social media platforms and online communities like Reddit and Quora.

  • Simple and Functional Website

A simple and functional website will help guide your users with all the basic information they need to sign up to your classes. A website will function as a portfolio of the kind of work that you do and will also give an opportunity to flaunt the content created