How to add a logo on my video?

I want to add a watermark / logo on my video’s bottom right at an opacity of 75% (so that the content is not completely blocked).

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Adding logo to your video on Typito is just two steps away

Step 1: Upload your logo under the ‘uploads’ section of the Image section on the left panel. Once the upload is complete, click on the logo to have it on your video on the screen. Here’s a GIF to explain this better.


Step 2: Once the logo is on your video now you need to change the opacity and resize the logo. In your case, as you’ve mentioned let’s keep the opacity as 75% and resize the logo. Now it’s all about positioning the logo on the video. As you’ve mentioned your preference of placing it on the right bottom corner, I’ll keep it that way. Check out this GIF to understand this better.

com-video-to-gif (1)

Step 3: Set the duration of your logo from the beginning till the end of the video.

com-video-to-gif (2)


Detailed tutorial, thanks@Ankitha :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t4: