How to add text on a plain background for a video?

In my experience of interacting with video creators using Typito, I get to learn very different and interesting ways to use text templates on video. One of the ways of using text on video is to use it with a plain colored background. Such a slide can be used to give more information about you, to introduce a topic or even end the video with credits.

In this post, I’m going to help you add text on a plain colored background the easy way-

Note - The text will go on a plain colored background slide. I am assuming you already have a background image downloaded and accessible, over which you will add the text.

If not, Google Images Search is a great place to find solid color background images.

Now let’s look at how to add a text effect on this background on Typito -

Step 1 - Hover over/Click the Media icon in the left panel to insert an image. Since we’re uploading a new image, click the “+” button to browse through your system files and select your downloaded background image.

Step 2 - Once the upload is complete, click the image tile to add it to your video timeline. By default this will be added to the end of your timeline.


You can drag this image across your timeline and position it where you want it to appear.


Step 3 - Now let’s add a title over our background. Click the ‘Text’ Icon in the left panel to go to the ‘“Text” tab and select “Add A Title”. You can also choose to add a subtitle if required.

You can also choose to add a stylized title from our collection of animated text templates, but be sure that the template you choose blends well with the overall style of your video.*

You’ll find this in the left panel under the “Text” tab while editing the video. The “Text” section should look similar to the image below.

If you’re looking for more templates, then Typito has a collection of 200+ curated text animation templates inspired by the most famous brands. You can explore our wide collection of text templates here -

Here we come to the conclusion of this tutorial, hoping this was useful. This simple 3 step process can now help you to add text on a plain background.

Users can now explore different ways to add a text on a plain colored background. Here are some ways to do it -

  • It can be used as an intro text of a video. It helps to familiarise the viewers by giving the context before showing the main content.
  • It can also be used as an end slide of a video, mainly to add a clear call to action or you can give out contact information (for business related videos).
  • You can also choose to add text in between a video to display important information regarding the video.

Have you created videos with a plain background yet ? Share some of your creative ideas on how you would use a text on a plain background and how differently you were able to put it on a video.

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