How to add Vietnamese text on video using Typito


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This post is in response to the question asked by @Hungneu about how to add Vietnamese text on a video using Typito.

@Hungneu, I apologise for the delay in responding to this question. I thought it’s best to take some time and answer this question in the form of a comprehensive step-by-step post and here it is! :blush:

Introduction - Custom Fonts on Typito

Typito let you upload and use all language fonts to add text on videos and the feature that lets you do it is Custom Fonts. Custom Fonts is a capability that’s part of Brand Kit, a premier feature available to customers who have subscribed to one of the plans here - It lets you upload 5 of your fonts to create text videos on Typito. Custom Fonts feature supports 3 font formats - ttf, otf and woff.

If you haven’t subscribed to a plan, you will find the Brand Kit view in Accounts look like this:

Brand Kit view for an active user would look like this (representative image):

Part 1 - How to procure your Vietnamese font (using Google Fonts)

Let’s assume that you want to upload a Vietnamese font using the Custom. So you go to and use the language filter at the right side and choose Vietnamese:

One you’ve chosen Vietnamese, Google Fonts shows you the list of fonts that support Vietnamese language. Of the list of fonts, I am going to choose Fira Sans (which is also Typito’s brand font by the way! :-)). You can choose a font by clicking on the red (+) icon next to the title of the font in the list:

You can also try out the different styles available in a given font (eg. Regular, Bold etc) in this view. Once you’ve chosen the font, it will show a tab that says the font family is selected. On clicking it, opens up with this view:

This section is going to be important. Remember, you are here to add Fira Sans Regular font that can be used to type Vietnamese language on Typito. So you have to go to “CUSTOMIZE” tab and choose the right font style and language support:

You’ve now selected Fira Sans Black 900 font that supports Vietnamese and Latin characters. Now you can go ahead and download the font by clicking the download icon at the top bottom of the tab:

Congrats! You now have a zip file that would have the font file “FiraSans-Black.ttf”. Next, let’s learn how to add the font in Typito!

Part 2 - How to add your custom font on Typito

First thing to do is go to Brand Kit view in Accounts section and click on “Add Font”:

On clicking that, a popup appears requesting you to upload the font file. Go ahead and upload the ttf file that you downloaded. It would show you a view like this:

Here, you need to ensure that the Language is selected as Latin since Vietnamese language uses Latin script. You can also change the Label to be like “Fira Sans Black Vietnamese” so that you know the font supports Vietnamese when you spot in with the other fonts while editing a video. The changes would be:

Once that’s done, click Upload and your font would get uploaded to your Typito Brand Kit! It would show up with your other custom fonts:

Now you can test this font by open a project on Typito and adding a few Vietnamese words using the new font that you uploaded:

That explains how to add a Vietnamese custom font using Brand Kit feature on Typito. Hope this (really long) post was helpful @Hungneu. Phew! :sweat_smile:

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