How to create a channel on YouTube for my Church?

The opportunity and exposure on YouTube are vast and are two of the main reasons to create a YouTube channel. YouTube alone, can reach you to large audiences within and beyond your congregation.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for Churches trying to go online with videos. You can find it here:

Came across this video by the Video Influencers that explains the three important ways to leverage YouTube for churches. Check out the video if you are looking for an elaborate understanding of why to create a YouTube Channel.

  • Create videos to answer questions
  • Vlog for Churches
  • Video Thumbnails

On YouTube you can choose to create a personal channel or a business channel.

Personal Channel

A personal channel can only be managed by the owner with the help of their Google Account.

  • Sign into YouTube and conduct any one of these activities; try uploading a video, posting a comment or creating a playlist of your own.
  • In case you do not have a channel, you’ll see a prompt message to create one
  • After checking your Google account name, you can confirm on creating a new channel.

A business channel

  • You can utilize a Brand Account to make a channel that has an alternate name however that is still overseen from your Google Account.
  • After signing into YouTube go to your channel list.
  • Choose to make another channel
  • Make another channel by clicking Create another channel.
  • Mention the details to name your new channel and verify the account. At that point, click Done.
  • Tada, your brand YouTube channel is ready.