How to create a image slideshow video?

I want to add more images / “slides” to my video so it’s not just one image. How do I do that?


On Typito, you can add as many images as you wish to have and create an image slideshow video in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Upload Image
You can upload image in the Media section on the left panel. Once the upload is complete, you can click on the image tile to add it to the timeline.

Here is a GIF to explain this better:

Tutorial 15 Upload Image

Step 2: Choose Image Animation
When you select an image on the timeline, it displays animation options on the left panel under Media section. You have to just click on them to select.

Tutorial 16 - Image Animation

Step 3: Manage the Duration of Text
Once these two steps are complete, you can now increase/decrease the duration of an image on the timeline by selecting it and dragging the handles on either sides.

Here is a GIF for better understanding:

Tutorial 17- Image Duration


Could use a free screen recorder which has the option to export as GIF file format.

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