How to create an effective video intro with animation and that goes well with my brand?

As a junior marketeer who’s still learning the tricks and trade of the video marketing arena, I was told not to underestimate the power of a good video intro for a brand. I liked the collection of templates Typito offers but I want to know how to decide on the right template? Also, what are some tips to use the logo in such intro animations?

I’m hoping some of you passionate video creators on this community could share some of your secrets :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Sasha,

I completely understand! Sometimes too much choice can feel like a curse… especially when you’re just starting out. They key lies in knowing what you’re looking for. Once you have clear cut requirements listed down, you’ll be able to get to the template that fits your needs.

One thing I’ve learned when creating videos for my training school that it’s all about the strategy. Here are some lessons learnt the hard way :slight_smile:

  1. The first impression
    Video Intros give you less than about 5 seconds to create an impression. That’s a pretty tight window to create a good impression of your brand. This is what makes your intro so critical to your business. It might help to think about the core essence of your brand – who you are and what you offer. Choosing a bold template will definitely keep this concise and focused for you.

An alternative would be using a favoritethat neatly fits your logo alongside. This one of my favourite temples, but there are a couple you can choose from.

  1. The style quotient
    It’s easy to go crazy with the customizable features Typito offers, but remember, the key is creating videos that are compliant with your brand. This means opting for colors and text fonts that match your official logo and color scheme. Here’s where I&E really been able to benefit from brand recalling. It’s something I’ve also noticed with popular channels like BuzzFeed, NowThis, and more.

Your style will also depend on the kind of business you deal with.

Sure both designs are bold, but ones obviously more casually oriented than the other.

Here are some popular YouTube channels with intro’s that are creatively matched to the kind of tone their brand resonates with-

  1. Context

I’ve tried to creatively use video intros to give my viewer’s a sense of what they can expect to know or learn from the video. I figured this might help keep them engaged, and it’s worked so far for me. A title template with space for a caption does the trick. You might find this really helpful if you have video categories or different segments.

Hope these points were helpful! :slight_smile:


Great tips on design! :star_struck:

I have just one more point to add to that list- Animation.
The animation options are quite tempting to want to go all out fancy with the swivel, reveal and zoom. I remember how excited I was in the beginning. I finally settled in on a simple zoom since it helped me draw the user’s attention to my brand logo. This of course is completely your call. Just make sure whatever you choose, it prominently displays your channel name/logo long enough for users to have a good look at it and that the animations don’t disturb the content in the frame.

Good luck! :+1:

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Nice thread! :sunglasses:

Since we are discussing about how to create amazing intros for videos, @Tej had written a blog post listing some of the best intros he loved by YouTube creators.

Here’s the link - I find it a really good read! Hope this helps. :blush:

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This is great! :smiley: Thanks

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