How to create emoji videos for social media 🤔

Let’s now look at how to add emojis on videos quick and easy. You can overlay emoji on videos using most video editors by uploading and positioning the emoji graphic as a png. However, we’ve found this experience to be cumbersome, especially when you want to try different emojis for a given context. This prompted us to create emoji templates that anyone can drag and drop on videos with ease – Emoji templates by Typito.

Here are the three simple steps to add emojis on video:

  1. Checkout emoji templates from Typito’s collection – If you want to go with header (banner) templates, you could pick up either Emoji Sandwich or Emoji Banner templates. However, if you want more flexibility with emojis, you could choose the Emoji Selector template that you can re-purpose the way you want on the video.

  2. Save emoji templates – Once you’ve decided on the emoji templates you want to use on videos, you can simply save them so that they become available in your Typito collection under ‘Saved’ section in the video editor.

Here’s a quick reference on where you can access the templates that are saved in your account.

  1. Create videos using the template – Once you’ve saved the emoji templates, they become available for you to create videos using them! Just like any other template from Typito’s collection, you can access it under the ‘Saved’ section while editing videos.


That’s it – you are now ready to create emoji videos fast and easy! Hope you found this quick post helpful! Please let us know how you plan to use emojis to drive engagement on your videos. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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Thanks for detailing this out @Matthew! :+1:

Emojis are getting popular on videos these days. As you’ve said, I’ve seen Odditymall and Shopify store pages use a emoji on product videos on Facebook. They work like a charm!


Super update! :heart_eyes:
I’m waiting for the day when you guys would push animating emojis. That would be insane!

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