How to create GaryVee Instagram videos

I don’t know how many GaryVee fans we have in this community. I’m a big follower of the man and God I love his motivational videos! I recently noticed that he publishes these snackable videos on Instagram - full of inspirational words!

I loved this one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: -

@Matthew and @Ankitha, can you guys please please please do a tutorial on how to create GaryVee Instagram videos! Thank you!


Big GaryVee fan here! :raised_hands:

@amandakim Thanks a ton for sharing this request. I’m sure a tutorial would help us a ton here!

@Ankitha The World needs you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:


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Looking forward to this, TeamTypito :+1:

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Haha @Matthew! Here I’m with a detailed ‘Gow to create GaryVee Instagram video’ :sunglasses:

If you want to move along with me on this tutorial, get started on Typito to create a GaryVee Instagram video

Well, it’s his motivational and inspiring content and his excellent style of speech delivery. As Amanda asked this question, I ended up watching GaryVee videos one after the other on different platforms. My YouTube watch history alone shows 27 videos back-to-back.

I tried to understand why exactly does GaryVee creates videos for Instagram. And how are the Instagram videos different from other platforms. GaryVee’s YouTube videos is a collection of all the videos he has ever made. They include interviews, keynotes, motivational videos on life and videos on social media, branding and entrepreneurship. But most of his videos on Instagram are the motivational life videos. I watched few more of his videos to know if I could draw a pattern out of it and that’s when I found a video by GaryVee himself wherein he mentions about why his Instagram works well and here’s what he said, “Something that is a snapshot of what’s actually going on in your stomach. And I say that you can use the word stomach, you can use brain, you can use heart. I think for example, I’m actually unbelievably motivated and grateful and I believe that my motivational quotes work on Instgram cause it’s my truth, not because I think motivational quotes work.”

So yes, his Instagram videos are filled with motivational content for life. While that is all about the content then I looked at his video designs and there are three sections that together makes up his Instagram videos.

  1. Aspect ratio
  2. Branding
  3. Text
    • Title
    • Subtitles

1. Aspect Ratio
Instagram’s UI supports videos in the 1:1 ratio. According to Buffer, users engage with square videos more on mobile; significantly more on Instagram. The video is aligned to the centre of the screen with a white padding on the top and bottom. The title and subtitles are placed at these paddings. When you upload a 16:9 video to Instagram the app defaults it to the 1:1 ratio wherein the sides of the video will be cropped out. Though recently Instagram has introduced a crop button to fit a 16:9 ratio video wherein a black letterbox padding will be added to the video to fit to the 1:1 ratio.

2. Branding
GaryVee’s videos use his signature and the twitter handle name as the branding pieces on his videos. Not just these but the top and bottom letterbox padding colors can also be changed to fit your brand’s color scheme. These are the elements that will remain constant in most of the videos you create for your brand. These constant elements will help the audience recall your brand with every video that you create.


3. Text
The duration of Garyvee videos on Instagram is less than 60-seconds long and hence not a lot of text is involved. The top padding includes the title which gives you an overview of the content of the video. This will also help a viewer decide if they even want to watch the video and if the topic is something that interests him/her or not. Just like Facebook, on Instagram too one can watch their videos on mute. Having subtitles is very helpful here as it would help the ones who wish to watch it on mute and wouldn’t do harm to anyone who has the sound on either.

Add title

Add subtitle

Tada! :tada: And there you have it! GaryVee style videos created in 4 simple videos. @amandakim I hope you find this helpful.

Here’s another video I created from one of his interview videos but in the Instagram style. Took an interview video of GaryVee and created this one. Folks, check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Get started on Typito to create a GaryVee Instagram video


@Ankitha Woohoo! You did it! :smiley:Thanks a ton!..

Atta, Girl! Now we can start exploring styles :star_struck:

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Knock Knock!

We launched support for emojis on Typito. From what I’ve seen GaryVee also uses emojis in many of his square videos on Instagram. You might want to check out this update on Emoji templates I shared earlier today. :bowing_man:t3:

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Thanks for the emoji update @Matthew. I’ve in fact seen how GaryVee add emojis on their videos to drive an emotional response as you’ve put up in the blog post -

Another thing I love about his video is the red progress bar that gives you an idea of how long the video is done! Works like a charm since Instagram doesn’t let you seek to a given section on a video, from the last time I saw it. Any thoughts on adding such an element we could use on Typito? :see_no_evil:

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