How to create NowThis videos using Typito?

Hey! We want to produce 30 NowThis type of marketing videos per month as part of our video marketing plans in 2018. I was exploring text on video options similar to Canva and came across Typito. Can someone here help me understand if the tool can be used to create NowThis type of videos without much video editing expertise? We don’t have video editing team, our marketing team plans to create this video. Sample video for reference -


Based on what I’ve seen I believe NowThis videos are produced with great importance given to their branding. The colour palette consists of black, yellow and white which are also their brand colors.
Apart from the color palette, NowThis videos will also have their logo on the top right corner throughout the video. Their social media videos are all in the 1:1 ratio (Square videos) which are considered to work greatly on social media.

I checked out a couple of the NowThis videos and such videos can be created on Typito as well. Here is a glimpse of the NowThis video that you gave as a reference.


Now let me show you how I would do it on Typito.

Step 1: Create a new project by uploading your video. Once the project is made, upload ‘NowThis’ logo under the images section.

Step 2: Change the aspect ratio to 1:1 by choosing Square Simple. Add the logo and keep it from the beginning till the end of the video.


Step 3: Add the text and customise it keeping in mind the colours and positioning of the text.


Have a look at this final NowThis type video created on Typito



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