How to create videos like Buzzfeed's 'Tasty'?

Tasty has a really unique style of creating video that you simply can’t scroll past :star_struck:. Has anyone been able to figure out how they create their videos?:thinking:

I’m looking to create similar videos for a client who runs a DIY channel and since I really like how Tasty does their videos, I thought of trying out the same.

If anyone’s attempted to create similar styled videos, it would be great if you could help me with what kind of equipment I’d need and how to go about the process :pray:

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Hey Amanda! :grin:

I know exactly what you mean! :star_struck: Even I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from their videos, (and I don’t even cook! :pleading_face:) They sure make any recipe seem like a breeze! This is no surprise why their videos are so popular.

My attempt to recreate similar Tasty inspired videos was not too long ago when a friend approached me to help her make videos for her food blog. Since I had a fair share of exposure to creating videos I thought the process would seem easy enough. It’s not entirely easy, but you’ll learn a lot in a single attempt. For example, what you choose to shoot. Tasty obviously doesn’t shoot the entire process to make a cinnamon roll. They keep their shots focused on the highlight steps of the recipe.

Before I delve into the process, let me answer your question on the kind of equipment you’d need-
I used two DSLR cameras. One for the overhead shot, and one helped me with close ups and for alternative side angles. Since the cameras are placed in two different angles you’ll need two tripods as well for steady shots. Placing it at the right angles depends on which perspective works best for what you’re shooting.

Next thing to consider is lighting, which is crucial for good footage. You can use natural light outdoor or an artificial LED lights and a softbox. One placed overhead and another to the side to cut any shadows.

Now, moving on to the process- something that really helped me figure out the process was Typito’s blog post about it. The entire process is broken down into four steps which roll backwards. I was a bit apprehensive about working backwards but really it helps.

Do let me know how it goes! Good Luck :smiley: :+1:


@Mary Tasty sure nailed the snackable video content online. In fact their videos had about three billion views, in barely a couple of months after its launch! An incredible growth story. On the whole, Tasty now accounts for 37 percent of BuzzFeed’s video views, according to Tubular.

Perhaps this has also much to do with the way their videos are styled. Square Videos (1:1) seem to really work for them along with the 60 second video length. This is a handy tip that might also help you when creating your videos.

It doesn’t seem to stop there for Tasty though. They’re now going live. Have you checked their video for ‘Tasty Story’ on Facebook which featured internationally acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson? It apparently captured 1.1 million views in just 40mins!

Looks like we’ll be seeing a whole new series from Tasty. Keep an eye out for more ideas.