How to create videos with Hindi font?


We want to produce videos in both English and Hindi. Kindly let us know how to install Hindi fonts in our Typito account.


Hello @Pavan_Manikanta_Kuma

Typito assures you maximum flexibility with text, and now even with language fonts. We’ve recently introduced Custom Fonts on Typito which lets you upload a font of your choice onto the videos you create. It’s a premium feature that’s part of Brand Kit. You can check out the plans here for more information -

So how does this work?

This feature lets you upload 5 fonts to create your videos on Typito.

It supports 3 font formats - ttf, otf and woff.

How to get started?

We had a similar query on how to add an alternate language font on a video using Typito, not too long ago. Here’s a step by step guide that will help you upload the font you require, it’s essentially the same process.

How to add Vietnamese text on video using Typito

I thought it’s best to take some time and answer this question in the form of a comprehensive step-by-step post and here it is!

Since you’re looking to work with fonts that will help you create videos in Hindi, you’ll need to choose a Devanagari Script. Google fonts support some really cool styles for the Devanagari Script that will help you use text on your video in Hindi. Here’s a quick link to help you select your choice of font -

Google Fonts has about 900 such font styles with variations from which you can choose a style. The panel on the left even lets you filter your search based on styles, thickness, width, and more.

Hope this was helpful :grin:


Thanks @Alex ! Welcome to the community @Pavan_Manikanta_Kuma! :raised_hands:

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