How to design videos for your brand?

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Last week I had a chat with content marketing owner of a top enterprise storage solutions company. We had a great conversation about their video requirements. One key question she asked was about how Typito can help design videos for a specific brand. I did share some of the aspects of the product that helps with creating videos for a brand but I thought it would be exciting to learn what you guys think about it. What are the key things you do to ensure your videos are brand-compliant?

I think this would be an exciting thread! :sunglasses:


@JesperBaekgaard and @Pete_Blank, would be great if you can share how you create videos compliant with your brand. Some of us here consider you guys as video branding gurus! :bowing_man: :bowing_woman: :grin:

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Matt, I will be happy to share, although I am not sure if this comment will answer the question. For me, I am the brand and I am the company. As a professional speaker, I hope that my videos would be just as entertaining without the graphics. But I understand the value they add for the viewer/listener.

That being said, a consistent logo and logo placement is key. It needs to enter the same way each time. The super that is used for the speakers name should be the same each time.

This site reminds me of all the cool things in PowerPoint. Just because your text and graphics in PPT can fly in, drop in, bounce in, and float in hundreds of ways doesn’t mean you should have them do that. At first, typito has so MANY neat functions that you tend to want to use them all, or you feel you are not getting your money’s worth. But from a branding perspective, it is key to focus on just a few, and then use them consistently.

If I have had multiple people on my team, and all of them were using this site, I would be sure to tell them exactly what fonts, sizes, logos and in/out features they could use. I would not let them choose. If a viewer notices a consistent output, they will connect those stories and videos with the brand.

Just my thoughts. Not sure if this helped, but happy to share. - Pete


I :100: agree with @Pete_Blank! A consistent logo and logo placement is super key! :key: I use the copy option to keep a version of my logo always available under the ‘Saved Templates’ section.

I believe another key aspect is the font. It really helps to use the same fonts that you use in your website copy and other communication online. My only caution here would be to not replicate the same weight of the font as it’s in your website. Usually website and other reading material would have a lighter weight version of your brand’s font. But videos might need a bold or slab version of the same font to help the text stand apart with the moving background behind.

For example - let’s check out Open Sans styles available in Google fonts:

I would go with Regular or Semi-Bold for email / website and other resources but might want to use Bold or Extra-Bold for videos. Again, this is totally upto the user :blush:. And here’s how you can get your custom fonts integrated in the account -


My addition to this list would be Logo templates. Easy to add your logo on these templates. Only constraint is that these templates assume that you have a square logo. I hope support for rectangle logos etc will be up soon. For the time being, the hack is to create a square version of the logo (by filling the excess area with the same fill color) and use it in the template.

@Matthew you guys should add more of these templates! They are pretty fun to have on the videos :-).


I’ve seen marketers and businesses establish their branding by using a consistent intro and outro on all the videos. These 1-3 second sections at the start and end of the video respectively can basically be a place-holder for your brand’s logo, colors and fonts that’s positioned neatly. It’s a good way to build brand re-call, especially if your video is hosted on a platform like YouTube or Facebook. This is beautifully done by a good number of prominent YouTube creators.

You can create an intro / outro using Typito itself and save them as templates so that you can re-use them on all videos without wasting much time. Some templates you can check out for creating intros and outros:

  3. (can be used for intro as well as outro)

This is a nice thread! @Matthew I think you have enough content for a blog post on this topic. :stuck_out_tongue: