How to end a video with your contact information shown using text animations

Ending a video the right way is as important (if not more important) as a powerful intro or engaging main content in the video. The ending is where you get the opportunity to inspire action from your viewer. A viewer who has watched your video till the end can be a prospective customer.

In this post, I’m going to demonstrate how you can end a video by showing your contact information or that of your business.

Let me give you a quick preview of outro animation I am going to help you create


For the purpose of this guide, I am taking the example of a video where a real estate agent is sharing his contact information.

Now let me walk you through a step by step guide on how you can create a video with an outro animation like this.

Step 1 - Place the yellow playhead around 5-6 seconds before the video ends. You can do that by either dragging the yellow playhead to the location or by clicking on the timeline at that location. This is where you will be placing the contact information For an audience to view and register the contact information, we suggest you show it for 4 seconds at least.


Step 2 - Create a shape overlay on the video that can act as a background for your text - Adding text on a background shape with a contrasting color will help to improve the readability of your contact information

Click on the “IMAGES” tab in the left panel and then click on “SHAPES”.

You can choose any shape of your choice. I’ve chosen a rectangular shape so that it covers the whole screen easily and the text visibility is more.

I will now resize the shape by first selecting it and clicking and dragging the various handles to cover the full video frame.


I’ve also changed the color to green, adjusting the contrast of the color and decreased the opacity for better visibility and contrast. Both options are available on the edit panel.


Step 3 - Adding Contact details -

The contact information that needs to be shown on the video:

Point of contact: Kevin Rudd


Contact number: +0809876543

Social media handle (Instagram) - @RExpert

To add the name of the point of contact, let’s go to the ‘Text’ tab in the left side panel and select ‘Add A Title’.

I’ve chosen “Black Hans Sans” font and white color text over a greenish background here, but you can choose any of the free fonts available in the selection or upload your own custom font.

It helps to share the details of a real person who can be approached for information or assistance.

Contact number - Point of contact’s number is one of the most important information that you would not want to miss out on. It is through which your prospective customers will reach out to you directly.
In the ‘Text’ tab, select “Add a Subtitle” this time. A subtitle is styled slightly smaller than the main title.

I’ve again chosen a similar style of font and color for this one because it is advised not to use more than two different styles of the font in a template. The font style should remain consistent.

Now let’s add another shape overlay on the video that can act as a background to your website info. - Click on the “IMAGES” tab and select “SHAPES”. I’ve again selected a rectangular-shaped overlay but changed the color to light green to help highlight the website info.


Now let’s add the Website info - Showcasing this information prominently helps you establish credibility as a business

Let’s add another subtitle by clicking on “Add a Subtitle”. This time I’ve chosen a different font “Raleway”, that goes well with the video. Using a similar font, in this case, might not have created a visual impact as much as this would create.

Social media handles (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube) - If you have social media account(s) linked to your business, showcasing them here will tell your prospects that they can reach out to you through multiple platforms easily
For this, I’ve chosen a ‘Social Media’ template from our collection of animated text templates.

To find such Social Media text templates, go to the “TEXT” tab, and find the ‘Social Media’ button.



Once I place the template on the video, I can easily change the handle name.


Step 4 - After adding all contact details, we need to ensure that they show up together and stay on the screen until the end of the video.

To do this let’s first group the text together. Click and drag the mouse pointer over all the text elements you just added.

Now to set the duration, use the left and right handle for the group of overlays like shown below. Like mentioned earlier, it is advised to give viewers at least 4-5 seconds to register the information. Make sure that the right handle is moved to the end of the timeline.

The two handles on the timeline depict an active area and it indicates the duration of the overlay in the video.


Finally, time to add a simple but beautiful animation to show the contact information. Let’s select the multiple text elements again. When multiple text elements are selected you will see an option to set the in and out animation. Click on ‘In’ and enable the ‘Animate as a group’ setting. It will ensure that the different text information on screen is synchronized in their animation.

After that choose an appropriate ‘In’ animation from the selection available and adjust the speed of the animation accordingly. For ‘Out’ animation, I suggest you choose ‘None’. It will make the information stay on screen even after the video stops playing.


That’s about it! Hoping this tutorial helped you see how easy it is to add your contact information at the end of your video and leave an impression.


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