How to make a ‘BREAKING NEWS’ type of video?

I am working with a client and I need to create a ‘BREAKING NEWS’ type of video for them. The plan is to keep it below 60 seconds and use captions that are engaging on top of video / image slideshow. Would be great if you guys can suggest how to go about it on Typito. Thank you!



I’m guessing you are referring to the new format of short news videos produced by the likes of CNN, BBC, AJ+ and even UniLAD and others. There’s no doubt these videos have become really popular in the last few years. One of the reasons for their popularity is attributed to adding captions on these videos so that even someone browsing through their social feed can check out the video on mute mode, let’s say, while traveling in a metro train :slight_smile: .

If you plan to create such videos, you might want to check out the News video templates we launched on our template store sometime back. It comprises of the text templates that are used by some of the best in the business like NowThis, CNN, AJ+, BBC etc. You can modify them to suit your brand requirements (font, colors etc). Here’s the link to news templates.

I hope you find them helpful! :+1:
And sorry for the really delayed response to this question in the forum!

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Here’s a nice guide by BBC on how to add sub-titles on videos. They’ve done a good job explaining the essence of sub-titles and then takes you through the functional aspect of it. Link -

@davepaul, I think a lot of these principles would be valid for social media news videos with captions. Hope you find this helpful.

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