How to optimize video content for better SEO?

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I noticed how a random Google search shows you a range of mixed results that display video results as well. I want to learn more about SEO for video. How do I get started with hosting videos on to my website? What else can I do to increase the chances of my videos showing up in search results?


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Video content has certainly claimed a very large spot in the digital marketing space and learning how to optimize your videos will certainly help you with marketing your brand.

So why is video leading? Since YouTube is the second largest search engine out there, owned by Google; it’s no wonder why videos are the next big thing in online marketing. Videos also make better influences when it comes to customer’s purchase decision, in fact according to Hubspot, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process, and 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

If you haven’t already started with video content on your website, it’s about time you get started. You can learn about the simplest ways to add video to your website and ensure users get the best possible experience on any device from this guide by Google -

Now, coming to SEO optimization using video content, here’s a checklist you can go over to make sure your video are SEO optimized :memo:

Zero in on Video

Since you’ve mentioned hosting your videos on a website, a great way to begin would be by making a video the focus of your website. This saves users the trouble of having to scroll lengths to get to the video and search engine crawlers are also more likely to index a video better if it isn’t hidden.


Just like your website has a meta-title and meta-description, doing this for your videos will help Google identify your video and rank it higher in the results.

For Google to better understand the topic of your video make sure your video title, description, and tags are crisp with the precise intended keywords. Tools like Google Analytics can help

Video Transcriptions

This is how search engines like Google understand exactly what your video content is all about and whether it is relevant to the keywords a user has searched for. Here is also where the content of your video becomes absolutely important for you to be able to transcribe it relevant keywords.

An engaging thumbnail

The aspect you might want to consider is an interesting thumbnail. It seems like a really minute detail but you’ll be surprised to know that thumbnails also influence the clicks your video receives from all the search results.

It might help to give thought in choosing a thumbnail that stands out to grab a user’s attention, since it’s the first thing they’ll see. Make sure that the thumbnail reflects the topic of the video well.

Create a Video Sitemap

Video sitemaps help access video content on your website in an organize manner, especially if you have a lot of videos hosted on your website.

Creating a separate video sitemap will give Google a better insight of which pages of your website have what kind of specific videos.

If you’re not sure how to go about creating one here’s a guide by Google to help out -

Finally, a keen watchful eye on the webpage analytics will certainly help learn from measured performance. This will help give insights into what worked and what didn’t at every step of the way.

While all of this is strategy to get your video its deserved attention, it’s important not to lose sight of the primary objective of your videos- whether to entertain, educate, or really help a user, and this is what really determines if your video is successful or not.

I hope this was helpful and easy to follow, do leave your thoughts in the reply section below :slight_smile: Good Luck!


@Alex :smile: You’ve pretty much covered it but to add a bit more about the point on thumbnails…

Yes! It might seem like a small detail, but people often underestimated the power of an engaging thumbnail. I was recently reading about how around 90% of the successful videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails. Since you’ll want something visually attractive, I would suggest creating custom thumbnails for your videos. It may be a bit of extra effort but it’s time invested well, I can assure you. I use Canva to do this since it’s quick and easy and let me add a quick title if I need.

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One thing I’ve learned with experimenting is that videos rank better when shared across websites and online spaces. One way to make sure your video is gaining the desired interaction is to encourage Likes and Comments. A smarter way to do so would be to include Call-to-action in your video so get users to like, share or comment.

While you might want to host your videos primary your website, it might also help to float them across other social media platforms, as well. Apparently, according to Forbes , Facebook prioritizes video uploaded directly to Facebook instead of video shared from another source, like YouTube.