How to Use Live Video Marketing to Drive Sales?

I’ve been so used to scripting out my video content, Live Video is a bit challenging for me. Can anyone help me with a few tips on how to use Live Video Marketing to drive sales. As a small business, is it smart to invest in and leverage Live Videos?:thinking:


When you first start out, talking to a camera may seem uncomfortable and a bit awkward but it’s a marketing tactic you sure as hell wouldn’t want to miss out on. The video trend is taking ahead from last year with 95% of marketers banking on live video just this year!

Why go LIVE?

People love it.

There are two ways to look at it –

  • People want to SEE your business more than they want to read about it
  • People want to be able to interaction with what they see

The fear of missing out on the latest really gets your audience looking forward to not just being a part of what you share live but also wanting to actively interact with you.

According to a study by Livestream 80% of users would rather watch live video from a brand than read their content marketing posts and 67% of audiences who watch live stream videos will purchase.

How to choose the right platform for your business when going Live?

There are a couple of ways to go live with most popular social media platforms offering this feature, but you’ll need to give it a bit of thought to pick the one that best fits your business style, audience and needs!

I found it helpful to direct my focus to one or two of these platforms when first starting out to make sure there is no compromise on sharing quality content.

Here are my thoughts on some of the live platforms

Instagram Live

For me, Instagram offers the best usability from all other live video platforms. The Live videos on Instagram last up to an hour and followers can receive notifications every time you go Live. Live videos get posted as stories after you’ve resumed broadcasting.

Facebook Live

Facebook will definitely give you the biggest audience. Facebook Live is great for personal videos, as well as live-action shots from events for brands. The Live video broadcasted last up to four hours. Its analytics allows you to see number of live viewers, people reached, reactions, comments and shares. At the end of the broadcast, you can add the video to your profile or Brand’s Facebook page.

Like Instagram once you begin streaming it sends alerts to your Facebook friends, notifying them of your stream. The top half of your screen will show what your viewers are seeing, with a control to switch between the front and rear-facing camera in the top-right corner.

YouTube Live

With more than more than 2 billion active monthly users YouTube live is ideal for content related to sports, video game streams and news portals but you can also use it for your brand.

The only downside it is that it lacks ways to interact with viewers like Facebook or Instagra, gives you. But despite this it’s a wonderful platform for brand storytelling and visual demonstrations.

When using YpuTube Live be sure to enable the DVR settings of your live stream. So that you give your viewers the opportunity to watch from the beginning even if they missed it.

Twitter Live

With Twitter Live you have the option for reaching a larger audience and the benefit of integrating Periscope for added exposure.

Periscope allows you to connect to your Twitter account to stream live video. Some major brands that have been known to use it like RedBull, Dunkin Donuts, EA Sports and Bark & Co. While it doesn’t require using your Twitter handle, it’s always good to do so you leverage your following.

Again, Live Twitter feed appear as tweets and stays on your timeline as recorded videos. These also appear on your periscope profile.

These are some of the major platforms but there’s no reason to try out experiments on smaller platforms as well if you want to check content styles.

Two of the smaller yet popular platforms Ive heard of are LiveStream and Twitch.

Hey @Mary
It’s good that you’re looking at Live video to freshen things a bit for your marketing campaign. One of the biggest advantages of Live Video is the ability to share an experience, with a community, locally or globally and engage with people more intimately in real time and more authentically.

There’s no doubt video is quickly becoming a crucial part of any brands social media presence. Whether it’s a product launch, a way to delve deeper about services offered, or demos; video can engage more effectively than pictures or plain text.

As @amandakim mentions, digital tools such as YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live,Twitter Periscope, or even Snapchat, give you a ready platform to engage with newer audiences.

So what can Live really do for your Brand? :thinking:

Besides showcasing a live working of products and services, going Live can also help you engage with active feedback or to even push for making on-spot sales.

Of course before you think of going Live you will need to plan in hand make sure it revolves around a focused target audience, a optimal time and of course a big event.

Planning weeks beforehand helps give your audience sufficient time to clear up any schedules and builds anticipation to look forward to your launch.

You will also need to decide if you want to keep Live Broadcasts as a regular frequent session at a set time (you might start small but give it time to let your audience grow) or if it is an occasional session projecting product launches and other special events.

I don’t think there are any rules to what kind of content you can explore and if you look at what some of the big brands in the industry are doing you’ll find there’s no limit on finding creative ways to connect with people using Live video.

A lot of brands have tried out content forms like product reviews and live unboxing, Live news reporting and interviews, product launches, Live sports coverage, political polls and messages, interesting and humorous behind-the-scenes,etc.

Some interesting campaigns I’ve come across are:

The video, by Dunkin’ Donuts which captured them constructing a massive wedding cake made of donuts in their test kitchen, has 44K views to date.

BuzzFeed’s video that captures a crazy stunt which has over 11 million views to date.

Tastemade’s live version of the Tiny Kitchen series that ended up with more than 3million views.

Grazia’s Live debate on a roundtable debate concerning Brexit.

The AirBnB Treehouse campaign with Disney which has more than 1.2 million likes on its Facebook page.

Hope this helps you! Good Luck :grin:


Webinar is certainly becoming a great tool / channel to build highly qualified leads. So yes, I think it would be a great use-case of videos (live) to drive sales.

Checkout webinars by Patrick from Price Intelligently - they keep doing price breakdown webinars to engage with their target audience. To conduct webinars, you can check out Zoom - it’s a brilliant product! :blush: