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We all know video is owning digital marketing today and this community is a tribe of select few makers who are at the fore-front of leveraging videos for business :). Our mission is to democratise professional video creation and Typito is our first baby step towards it!

This community is for anyone who’s passionate about video marketing. There is a lot to discuss and lots to solve. And the only way forward is to collaborate and learn from each other.

Let’s start with you! Brag a bit about yourself and tell us how videos are solving the problem for you.



Hey there! :grin: I’m Dave from Miami. Just wanted to give you guys @ Typito a shout out!

As someone who’s passionate about fashion and travelling, I’ve been obsessed with photography and video travelogues. While I loved to shoot videos, I’m pretty lazy when it comes spending long hours to edit the footage. That’s one of the reasons that kept me from tapping into video marketing for my clothing store.
Thanks Matthew & Team! You guys made it really easy, especially with the new branding templates. Keep spoiling me; I’m waiting for more updates.


Welcome Dave! It took you 15 days to intro yourself. :roll_eyes: :joy:

Look forward to a lot of active discussions on videos about fashion and travelling!

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Haha! Better late then never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Dave!

It’s time for some great discussions! :grin:

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Love from Singapore!:hugs: I’m Sophie You – a DIY fashion blogger by passion.


With a glamorous career that lets me travel the world, I’m keen on sharing my experience of world fashion with all. But what I really want to do is to share my perspective on fashion that makes it more approachable to all with DIY tips and hacks thorough videos. Trying out your tool. To be honest in the beginning I had no idea how to go about editing. I reached out to your team. Very prompt.

Thanks for the continual support :heart:



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Hello Folks, I’m Amanda :relaxed: ! Not new to your Typito community but I thought I’d go ahead and introduce myself. Typito has certainly come a long way in such a short span from just allowing me to add text to my videos, to letting me add audio and my very own logo :clap:.

Keep up the good work!:+1: And thanks for patiently addressing all my queries, whether on LiveChat or a question posted here :blush:

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Welcome Amanda! :beers: :raised_hands:

Hi, Andy from Seattle :sunglasses:, a literature buff and a professor :nerd_face:, I had a couple of students suggesting I make short videos on some of the topics they have a hard time grappling with. I lacked the skill in video editing, and adding motion graphic text to videos to make it informative was more than I could handle.

I haven’t mastered it yet but this community space has helped me clear out a couple of doubts. Thanks!



Welcome Andy!

Hi friends :wave:, this community is really getting active so I thought I’d join in. I’m a counselor but I also love teaching :grin:. I did not take up teaching as a career but after seeing a lot of videos on Youtube about short tutorials I want to do the same. Trying out Typito, wish me all the best :crossed_fingers:

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Shout out to Team Typito all the way from Canberra, Australia! :heart:
Quitting the kitchen as a chef was hard for me, I always thought about getting started with a food blog but I strongly felt like actually showing people what I was doing is so much better than just instructions. I’m exploring videos now.:crossed_fingers:
Love your aspect ratio features!:star_struck: They’re ideal for the kind of videos I want to make.

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Hey Guys,
Khalid here :smile:, I work for a start-up marketing firm based in Dubai. We’ve just begun to experiment with video marketing. Your feature for branding template is godsend.


Hey Guys, I’m Tom :sunglasses:

Couldn’t agree more with you @Matthew, video is owning digital marketing today. As junior marketeers, I’m looking to experiment with video marketing for our clients. You tool helps meet deadlines. I’d like to discuss more about video marketing and if you or the team has any word of advice (or caution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) for a beginner like me.

Keep you guys posted!

Ps. I see you guys love GIFs as much as I do :smirk:


That’s great Keval!
All the best! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Hey Becca, Welcome to the Typito Community! :heart:
Would love to see few of your cooking videos made on Typito! :heart_eyes:

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Welcome Khalid! :slightly_smiling_face:
The scope of video marketing is huge man! Would be great if you could share few of your learnings about video marketing with us. :smile:

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Will certainly do! :slightly_smiling_face: