Introduce yourself!


Techie onboard! Hi Matthew and team. Excited to have finally joined your community. I stumbled across your tool on YouTube while watching a video tutorial on how to add text to my videos. Great stuff! :+1:Using this to save me time when making review videos for cameras.


Hello People… Greetings from India.:smiley:

A bit about my journey with video making - I wanted to talk about what I do as a Nutritionist and after a lot of suggestions from friends and family, I thought of putting out short videos about various topics concerning health and nutrition. Still a work in progress but thanks for making it easy for people like me who aren’t very tech savvy.


Hey Patricia!

Welcome to the Typito Community! :smile:
It’s great to have users from different walks of life together here in the Community. Looking forward to some really valuable learnings from you on the community. :blush:


Well, seems like everyone is getting away with the introduction part pretty nicely.

What can I brag about myself? Hmm. Let me think… 404 Error.


I’m a content writer from Kochi, Kerala, someone who stills feels like a total jerk and boast about having Impostor Syndrome ( feels geeky)(Ahm… not Dunning-Kruger Effect?). Someone who consumes MEDIUM posts more than anything. A masterprocrastinator, motorcyclerider, startuplover…flatbroke… Well, chuck it. I might just say Hi…

Hi, Guys, learning one or two about Content Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Editing videos and stuff.

Thanks, @Matthew for adding me to this awesome community. Keep up the good work!:+1: Let’s make Typito more awesome :heart_eyes::v:


Welcome Aswin! :sunglasses: :raised_hands: