Is it necessary to add text captions in videos?

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos being posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with text captions and sub-titles. I think it definitely helps with building context for the audience especially if they are watching the video on mute. But how important is this? I am planning to freelance a bit in the next few months trying to create social media videos for a few friends who run companies. I plan to use Typito for this but want to learn if this should be an important check-list for the videos I create. Cheers!

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I’d say caption is becoming more of a necessity in videos that are produced for social media. HootSuite, in a recent post about LinkedIn video trends, highlighted that you need to design videos for sound off since up to 85 percent of social media videos are played in mute mode. And I think adding captions is at the core of designing videos for sound off.

Thoughts @Matthew and others?

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Folks, I just shared my views on a similar question on Quora here - :slight_smile: .

Let me try to share some of the highlights from that discussion that could be useful in this community:

More than 80% videos on social media platforms are watched in mute mode. Video being a great container for advertising space (higher engagement), it’s likely that most platforms would try to stuff in more videos on their newsfeed structures. And to increase engagement with videos, they all attempt to default to auto-play, an experience where a given video starts playing when you scroll over it . Platforms keep this as the de facto experience till they are convinced that the users are acclimatised to the presence of too many videos on their feed. It was Facebook first, followed by Twitter and now it’s LinkedIn. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of a video that uses captions and annotations to weave an engaging story on social media: World Economic Forum

In this context of videos consumed in mute mode on a auto-playing social feed, it makes a lot more sense to drive better context to the audience with captions and annotations. In fact, a recent experiment done by Instapage reported that the average reach of a captioned video on the social platform was 16 percent higher than the same video without any supplemental text.

How to add engaging captions in a few clicks

So yes, if you plan to create videos for social media, you should certainly consider adding nice looking captions on the video. Here are a few drag and drop caption templates you can check out: Caption templates for social media videos :

It would be great if you can give it a try and see if it helps you with creating social media videos with captions. Cheers!