[Link] BBC subtitles guidelines for text videos

Hey folks,

Yesterday I stumbled upon a well detailed subtitles / captions guide by BBC while answering Dave’s query on creating Breaking News videos.

Here’s the link - http://bbc.github.io/subtitle-guidelines/

There’s a section on positioning (chapter 10) that I particularly loved! I think this would be useful to anyone who’s creating text videos for advertising / marketing / news. Cheers!


Hey @Tom,

Thanks for sharing this link. BBC seems to have set an amazing set of guidelines when it comes to adding overlays (not just limited to text) on top of a video. We will definitely check this out in detail and see if some of these guidelines can be productised.

Few ideas that are coming to our head right now are around adding more intelligent snap / grid functionality while positioning text / other overlays.

Can you tell me how to write Vietnamese in Typito?

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@Hungneu, I’ve provided a detailed answer on how to write Vietnamese in Typito here - How to add Vietnamese text on video using Typito. Hope this helps! :blush: :raised_hands:

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