New improved Multi Media upload experience


We’ve now made the ‘Create New Project’ experience that lets you upload multiple media files when you get started with the project. The media upload and processing flow is also made 50% faster than how it was before. And not to worry about breaking your head about finding all the media files at the beginning - you can always upload more media files during the video editing phase, like before. :sunglasses:


I’d once asked this to Typito’s customer support team, whether I can upload multiple media files at once or not. And now you guys have solved that issue :sunglasses:
Thank you Typito team! :raised_hands:


Woah! :star_struck:

I’d already mentioned in this community how Typito helps me save time and now you guys are helping me even more. Thank you so much @Matthew :raised_hands:
I’m excited to know more about the ‘coming soon’ part.:thinking::wink: