Should creators take IGTV seriously?

Anyone creating videos on IGTV here? Would love to know your take on it!


Uploading the same YouTube content is difficult as it is created horizontally. We have to create separate video for IGTV. That’s the challenge for now.

Otherwise, I think it’s a new platform and opportunity to grow as a creator would be huge. Would love to know what others think!

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Hey @Sophie_You,

The question is if you should invest in IGTV or YouTube as a content creator. My take:
for new creators, IGTV and for existing creators, both IGTV and YouTube.

Any content platform or even distribution channel is best leveraged when it’s small. YouTube is now saturated with creators which essentially means that it’s tough for a new creator to make a presence felt. However, if a creator adopts IGTV and if (a big IF) vertical video picks up like IGTV expects it to, the early adopters will certainly have an advantage over the latecomers. Let’s see how. When a platform is young, they have more reasons to incentivise more creators to use it till they hit a threshold of video content where advertisers feel confident about putting their money in the platform. Instagram will also follow the suite here to a great extent by being nice to early creators and providing their content more exposure and maybe even better ad deals.

A post I wrote on this - Hope this gives a better perspective. :blush:

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Nice post @Matthew! Sharing it in my circles :smile:.

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