Top Videos 1/3 Week #16 (April 9 - 15) - Crystals are Cool

Hey Guys!

Here’s a new initiative by Typito. We love what our users create and we would love to share few of the best videos created using Typito. Now onwards, every week we shall select three of the best videos and share it with the rest of the folks on the community.

Let’s have a look at the first Video of this Week created for the FB Page Crystals are Cool. I personally love the way this video has been designed. The colours used goes really well with the image slideshow. This video is a great example of how simple looking elements can add so much to the aesthetics of a video. It would be great to hear from the Crystals are Cool team more about their video making experience. I’m sure they’ll have some tips to share with us :slight_smile:


Check out the full video here:


2 things I love about this video:

  1. use of colors that resonate with the brand
  2. ‘penguin slide’ template with it’s wedgy look makes it classy

The video ‘Crystals are cool’ is really cool! :sunglasses:


Congrats ‘Crystals are cool’ team! Loved the product snackable.

The ken burn effect on the images give a nice subtle yet elegant touch to the video. I wish the black pillars on the images could’ve been avoided with images of the same size. Nevertheless it’s beautiful! :heart:

@Matthew and Typito team, great going with the ‘top weekly videos’!


I want those chakra balancing raw crystals! :gem:

On a serious note, loved the video! Nice to see the use of turquoise color that’s consistent with the brand. :raised_hands:

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Woah! Go Crystals are Cool team!

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