Top Videos 1/3 Week #19 (April 30 - May 6) - Andrew (M1NDSET)

Week 19’s first video is here :tada:

This one is created by Andrew from M1NDSET and I must say it is indeed one of the most professional videos I’ve seen so far. Featuring Kim Hoogeveen the Founder and CEO of M1NDSET. Love the motion graphic they’ve chosen from Typito’s collection for the title. On a plain white background, the combination of black and red looks minimalistic and very professional at the same time.
All the motion graphics and text overlays that appears after the title are made taking the brand’s color palette into consideration - black, red and white :heart_eyes:
Also, it’s next to impossible to ignore the beautiful background that the team has used to shoot the video. Andrew. can’t wait to hear your video making story. I’m sure you’ve some great tips for us :smile: :blush:

Here’s a small glimpse of the video created:

Check out the full video here:


Great content, I simply love the opening intro title you’ve used. It blends great with your brand colours. :+1: Good Job on the editing front.

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What a captivating video! :flushed: I like the templates used at the end. Despite the use of 4 templates it doesn’t look clustered in the least bit.