Top Videos 1/3 Week #20 (May 7 - May 13) -

Last week’s first top video is here created by the team. What do I love about this video?
Well, a lot of things :star_struck:

The creator has used not just one template but many of them. A great mix of both title templates and lower third templates. Apart from the text templates, this creative soul has also used image overlay graphics on the video. The image graphics are placed so well just beside the text to give better context to the audience. team, you guys have nailed it with your colorful and quirky video design style. It would be great if you could share your video making story with us. :slight_smile::blush:

Here’s a small glimpse of the video:

Check out the full video here:


Wow! There is so much going on with the variations of templates used and yet it doesn’t seem awkwardly fit together. This is one neat example of how to re-purpose templates. Excellent work!:clap:

Nice work with the overlay text and images in 0:26 :grin:

Great Work! :star_struck: This video has so much to learn from…