Top Videos 2/3 Week #16 (April 9 - 15) - Joe Coyle

Hey Guys,

Here’s a new initiative by Typito. We love what our users create and we would love to share few of the best videos created using Typito. Now onwards, every week we shall select three of the best videos and share it with the rest of the folks on the community.

Let’s have a look at the second Video of this Week created by Joe Coyle. A simple interview video with text templates that mention the speaker and the event. These are a few great tips to include in any of your future videos. A frame with just one person but look at the way Joe has changed it. Truly impressed!
It would be great to hear from Joe more about his video making experience :slight_smile: :blush:


Watch the full video here:


Super content Joe! Great example for a snackable interview formatted video. :raised_hands: :fire:


I love the transparency effect on the top overlay graphic :star_struck:. Though I personally would have thought of placing it on the bottom as that’s what most rule books mention. Nice to know there are creators like you experimenting with video design.


I thought the same, Andy. I’m taking notes :flushed: this a great way for me to learn new tricks…

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