Top Videos 2/3 Week #17 (April 16 - 21) - Adam Butrico

Here’s a new initiative by Typito. We love what our users create and we would love to share few of the best videos created using Typito. Now onwards, every week we shall select three of the best videos and share it with the rest of the folks in the community.

Last week’s 2nd best video is here created by Adam. An informative video on Honeybees. Love the captions, the template is the same for them all but the text color is changed to show emphasis.

Here’s a glimpse of the video created by Adam;

Check out the full video here:


Nice work, Adam :clap: I like your use of color for the text, especially what you’ve done at 0:58.

Did anyone notice the hexagon shaped template used for the title in this video? :thinking: I’m sure beehives being hexagon-shaped is far from being a coincidence! :heart_eyes:

Great video Adam! Looking forward to learn your story - how and why you create videos! :slight_smile:


Haha! I was just going to comment on the same :grin: that text template is so apt for the beginning!

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Simple, yet compelling :+1: