Top Videos 2/3 Week #18 (April 23 - 28) - Pete Blank

Here’s a new initiative by Typito. We love what our users create and we would love to share few of the best videos created using Typito. Now onwards, every week we shall select three of the best videos and share it with the rest of the folks in the community.

Last weeks’ second video is created by Pete Blank for his show, ‘Pete’s Blank’. The text templates on Typito can be used as a lower third or as a title as well and Pete has proved it through this video. Apart from the stylised text templates, Pete has also used simple text in the rest of the video with simple fade in’s and out’s as entry and exit animations. An apt example of how simplicity can stand out over fanciness :smile: Pete, we would love to hear your video making story :blush:

Here’s a small glimpse of the video

Check out the full video here:


Interesting take on the importance of having your story out there, but apart from that I like how you’ve used the image insertions and text animations. Its subtle enough to let you concentrate on your content. :+1: Nice work, Pete :grin:

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I had no idea how underutilized something like Storytelling is.This is great… :slightly_smiling_face: Brilliant video!

Couldn’t agree more! In terms of layout I personally like your logo and the animation you’ve used in the beginning. :+1:

Hi everyone. I just started using Typito in December and I love it. I do a weekly leadership Vlog called “Pete’s Points” that is sent out to my distribution list via email. I also post the video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and my Youtube channel.

The first 13 videos I did (Volumes 1-13) either without any text/fonts/photos, or I used a product that competes with Typito. After I started using Typito (Volumes 14-present), I figured it was the best for what I do.

If you go to my YouTube channel and watch my first videos, you can see that they are just NOT as interesting as my ones that use Typito. It lends a true sense of professionalism to my videos at a very reasonable cost. I am very pleased with this product.

I look forward to seeing what each of you do and how I can learn from you to use Typito to its fullest.

Pete Blank


Hey Pete!
We’re truly glad that Typito is keeping you happy! :blush:
Hope to have you in more of our discussions in the community! :sunglasses: