Top Videos 2/3 Week #21 (May 14 - May 20) - SugarBare with Michelle

The second video of last week is here and this one is created by Aideen Gohery.

A great example of a minimalistic and simple video. The first frame itself shows Aideen creativity. The brand logo with text ‘SugarBare’ is put all over the screen with the text graphic that reads ‘with Michele’ which together makes up the brand name SugarBare with Michelle
Simple text is used to add captions to the video and notice carefully the line height and letter spacing. The creator has made sure that the captions are placed in such a way that they’re extremely easy to read.
Aideen, I’ve got just one thing to say that you’ve nailed it! :star_struck:

Here’s a small glimpse of the video created:

Check out the full video here:


An interesting video! I like the way you’ve placed the text to make a beautiful intro. :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations!

Sounds like a skincare routine one must try… :smiley: Good job on the video! It’s simple yet creative.