Top Videos 3/3 Week #16 (April 9 - 15) - Kim Werker

Hey Guys!

Here’s a new initiative by Typito. We love what our users create and we would love to share few of the best videos created using Typito. Now onwards, every week we shall select three of the best videos and share it with the rest of the folks on the community.

The third top video of this week by Kim Werker. Such an amazing opening shot and a great motion graphic template added to it. Kim, this is awesome! Love the font you’ve used and also the simplicity of the video. A single graphic but it has added so much to your opening shot. Share your video making experience with us. I’m sure everyone at the community will be truly excited to know more about you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Check out the full video here!


One on the best title treatments on a video - it looks pretty good against the vast expanse of the water body! And not to forget the beautifully shot video footages.

Kim, we’d love to learn some videography from you. :smiley:


I second that! and Congratulations Kim! :clap:


This Cabin Sketch font looks great :star_struck: I like that you’ve kept the color scheme smooth even at the end of the video.

Aha! It’s finally up… these videos keep bringing me back to Typito Community. Kudos Kim! :tada: Great photographs you’ve slipped in.

Hey thanks, all! I’ve been toying with Typito to make short videos summarizing conferences I’ve taught at or classes I’ve filmed, and will eventually create short tutorial videos, too.


@kpwerker Welcome to Typito! :relaxed: :raised_hands:

Great work! Look forward to many more amazing videos from you! Hope to have you in our discussions in the community!

Great work Kim! Keen to learn some video editing tips from you in this community. :sunglasses::relaxed: