Top Videos 3/3 Week #18 (April 23 - 28) - Fairplaid

Third best video from last week is here :star_struck:
Created by the folks at Fairplaid. Another great example of how videos can be used for Branding. The color used for the background fill of the text template is of the same color as Fairplaid’s brand logo. Found the last part of the video very interesting with the template in the center of the screen and the logo at the bottom. Fairplaid’s video proves that you need not always have multiple styles of text templates on the same video. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a glimpse of the video:

Check out the full video here:


Guess I’m the first one to catch the video of the week this time :sunglasses: Smooth transition of the captions. I like how perfectly the color matches your logo.

True! The brilliance of simplicity. Good job, you guys :smiley: I wish I could understand the captions, but nevertheless your video style deserved a mention :+1:

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