Top Videos 3/3 Week #20 (May 7 - May 13) - Stratenet

Week 20’s video top third video is here guys! :tada:

This one is created by Stratenet Marketing and I must say that they’ve nailed it. The title template itself is so simple and has complimented the video well. The way they’ve used orange and white for text is minimalistic and suits the video more as the notepads used in the video are of different vibrant colors and not to forget the way they’ve sneaked in the image at the end. I can’t wait to hear their video making story :star_struck:

Here’s a small glimpse of the video created:

Check out the full video here:


Another good example of the minimalistic use of templates. Neat work! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations, Stratenet Marketing! :blush:

I was going to talk about the same! :+1: I like the way they did it.

Nice intro title template, makes for a very clean opening :smiley: