Top Videos 3/3 Week #21 (May 14 - May 20) - Parkland Music Institute

The 3rd video from last week is here created for the Parkland Music Institute. :tada:

So far in the videos that we’ve covered under ‘Video of the Week’. We’ve mainly focused on the text and overlay graphics used but today we’ve something slightly different.
One of my personal favorite features on Typito is the ‘Square Letterbox’ option under ‘Resize’ and look at the additions you can make on a Square Letterbox video. The video is in the center of the screen. Text, logo and an emoji are added without disturbing the video content at all.
And not to forget how the creator has changed the padding color to the brand color. Parkland Music Institute team, you guys have nailed it! :star_struck:

Here’s a glimpse of the video created;

Check out the full video here:

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