[Video - Blender + Typito] In remembrance of the Danish Heroes of WWII

Here’s a video created by @JesperBaekgaard that was presented during a conference recently. It’s a video celebrating the 75th anniversary of Danish Jews escaping from the clutches of the Nazi regime during World War II. I found the video really touching and thought I will share it with the community :slight_smile:.

Video link - https://www.facebook.com/visitnordsjaelland/videos/2155658961318686/

@JesperBaekgaard, would be great if you can share with the team how you used Blender + Typito to create the video. Would be an amazing learning for all. Thanks!


Beautiful video, @JesperBaekgaard! :heart:

I loved the background music. It gelled in nicely with the visuals and the story. Where do you source your background music from? I think this is not one of the music options that Typito provides.