What are great ways to highlight text in a 'text-only' video for YouTube?

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I’m still working my way around the video creating process and it’s been quite the learning experience. I’m aware of how text on videos significantly enhances views but when it comes to creating my own I’m not sure how to work my way around text. I’ve been able to get really creative with titles, but I’m interested to hear how other people are using text on videos.

I want to learn more ways to creatively use text on videos, especially if my video is entirely text based. Can anyone suggest ideas/tips on how to highlight text in a video?


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Video creators are sure picking up on the effectiveness of text on video. It seems like you’ve learned this quicker than I did :laughing:. To be honest visuals have always had my attention much more than text, which naturally drew me to video creation. Text on videos in the beginning felt like there were only a handful of ways to use it – a title, caption and so. I was just ignorant though. The more I began to use text, the more I understood how it can actually add to the creative element of a video.

Much of my learning came from observing the template designs Typito had to offer and the toggle options to edit the text. With this it took a bit of playing around with text and a keen sense of what looked good with the video background.

One of the simplest and most basic tips I learned was to add a shadow effect to the text. This may seem simple but works well for almost any kind of video.

Something I enjoy more is playing around with colour. There are a couple of ways to do this and I’ve seen popular channels do the same. The two ways I go about this are:

  • Highlighting a particular word/words from the text in an alternative colour

  • Using a highlighted contrasting background for the text

So these are a few of my tips which I hope help you with your videos! :+1: If you’ve learned any other interesting ways to use text I’d love to hear from you :smiley:


This is great feedback from @Khalid! You need to leverage text highlighting to be at the top of the game when it comes to text on videos. One main reason is that in most videos you can never predict the major colors that would dominate the background (video) and it’s always best to use text with highlighter to avoid the risk of the text merging with the background (video) visuals.

I wrote a post few months back on few easy ways to highlight text on video. Here you go!

You can also check out the highlighter templates on Typito, which I think are kick-ass! :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps @Patricia! :blush:


I noticed how using a plain bold font with larger sized text also helps. I was a bit uncertain of blowing up the text size to cover so much of the video frame but I noticed a lot of popular channels doing this. One of the channels I follow called BrainCraft does this neatly. Here’s what I mean-

Again, this would depend on the color and how plain the video background is. I would prefer using a background with a decreased opacity would make the text more visible (just to avoid any glitches :grimacing:), kind of like how Matthew and Khalid suggested.

Hope this helps :+1:

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