What are some effective Instagram tactics to apply in Instagram Video Marketing?

Hey Community,
New year, New Marketing Goals!:sunglasses: …And of them has been to look at a new platform for my DIY and Décor business. The platform I’m looking at specifically is Instagram. I’ve learned it has a lot of potential for driving video popularity and that’s something I can really use.
To get started I’m looking for any help I can get on Instagram Video Marketing. What are some of the smart ways you use to drive video views? and how can I optimize hastags for videos?

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Hello Sophie :smile:

A strong online presence is vital for just about any kind of business in market. Social media platform have certainly emerged as successful advertising spaces, and the competition is getting tougher. But as difficult as it is there’s always an opportunity to try out something new.

Let me begin with a bit about Instagram as a platform to try and give you an idea of the kind of potential it has.

So it goes without saying that Instagram is certainly a very popular platform for video promotion. You don’t even need to take my word for it, here’s some numbers to put that into perspective:

One of the key benefits to Instagram Marketing is creating Brand awareness and interactively introducing product lines. As a platform, Instagram allows you to not only showcase products but it gives you the liberty to do so in a more approachable way that doesn’t look like you’re selling too hard.

Now coming to Instagram videos…

Vidoes that are a minute or less in length work best on Instagram. Instagram videos tend to play without sound by default, so be sure to use captions to enhance your video. If you require longer form videos try considering going live or IGTV.

With over millions of active users, its easy for your content to get lost in a whirlpool of businesses trying to reach out to users. Here’s where Hastags come to the rescue. This may initially take a bit of brainstorming related keywords to your products and business, and researching relevant trends that relate to the same.

I would suggest using a mix of general, trending hashtags and business specific hashtags just to make sure you aren’t missing out on any potential interested viewer. Another thing you should look at is creating your own branded hashtag. This is also a great way to get your users to interact with your brand. Hubspot has some great tips on how to format Instagram Hastags. At the risk of sounding spammy and flooding your audience with number of Hastags, Hubspot suggests most businesses use 2.5 hashtags per post, but you can stretch it to four hashtags at max.

Another great thing about Instagram hastags is no matter where they’re placed, they’ll work the same, whether places with the captions or as part of the comments.

So these were a few takeaways that I hope mange to help you. Good Luck with your plan! ::partying_face:

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Since you said you’re piecing out an Instagram Marketing Plan for 2019, it might help to think about these questions to get your business goals more clearly defined :thought_balloon:

  • How can Instagram help you achieve your overall marketing goals?

  • What does Instagram really have to offer that’s distinct from other platforms?

  • How much time or budget can you allocate to Instagram?

Brands require consistency and the same applies to your social media profiles across platforms. Not only should your Instagram feed look appealing, it needs to also be consistent. There are a couple of ways to do this, like choosing a color scheme that’s specific to branding colors, or spacing out your content so it doesn’t look too crammed; whatever it is, find a style and stick with it to make it an identity.

Try to stay consistent with the kind of content you post as well. Here are a few ways to look at content for your business:

Instagram Photos posts are still the most popular form of content, so don’t forget to also fit in these within your content plan, even though you want to focus on videos. Posts like this may be a single photo post or a carousel post to share a line of products to drive interests and flaunt variety.

Instagram Stories can also really become an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy, In fact, 64% of businesses plan to create more Instagram Stories in 2018. You can even use them as previews for your posts, videos or shoutouts before going Live.

Videos Posts tend to receive more engagement simply for their ability tell more elaborate stories effortlessly. Along with videos, consider going Live. According to a recent survey, while only 22% businesses went “live” on Instagram in 2017, 55% plan to use the feature in 2018. Going live on Instagram gives you an opportunity to really interact with followers whether it’s sharing a live launch of a product, an event or workshop, or simply running a Q&A or tutorial to exchange thoughts with your followers. With the recent update, Instagram Live videos can now be replayed and shared even after the broadcast.

Instagram was smart to recognize the the potential of mobile video. Cisco estimates that by 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. and IGTV may just be your way to stay ahead in the game. IGTV is great for showcasing other dimensions of your business without being limited to one type of content, length or format.

And lastly, keep an eye out on trends, new year also means a whole lot of new trends that are going to pour out :raised_hands:

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@Mary and @Khalid That’s some great feedback! :smiley:

Couldn’t agree with you more, Instagram has certainly given everyone great flexibility with creating, sharing and popularizing content. IGTV is just another avenue with a ton of potential.

@Aswin has worked out the dynamics for creating content for IGTV. If you haven’t already checked it out here are the links:

You could also try dabbling Instagram Ads.The potential for creating Ads on Instagram really lies in being able to channel your businesses and brands effectively to target the right audience. Here’s a simple guide to help you if you’re interested:

I hope this helps you craft out a kickass Instagram Marketing Plan for 2019! :sunglasses: All the best!