What are some great ideas to create and market a video for a real estate brand?

I’m looking for ideas to create a video to market a real estate brand. What are the kinds of videos I can create? also, with reference to content what are the aspects I should talk about in these videos?

Creative video’s are a great way to engage with customers and build more personal connections for just about any kind of business. The real estate sector has been no stranger to tap its potential. There are a couple of ways to go about creating video content for your real estate brand. Since its visual content it’s a great way to market a brand, tell a remarkable growth story,showcase a multiplicity of projects, and even delve deeper into each project with walk-through videos. There’s really a whole lot you can do.

I’m going go over a few noteworthy examples I’ve come across that have helped me with ideas, maybe these can help you as well.

A relatively professional brand video that I came across was BNPP Real Estate’s short branding film which talks about its passion for real-estate services and vision for the future of real estate.

While this makes a great branding video almost like a film, I liked an older video they created with 2D/3D Animation and creative text captions. You can check out this style here.

Another interesting way to craft your videos is to use typography. Not just text captions on a video but where and how you place these motion graphic text can really matter.

Here’s what I’m talking about. If you like text as much as I do, this is an effective way to create short videos that can be floated across social media.

I’ve seen a couple of real estate companies try out walk-through videos of developed projects or ones being launched. It’s a smart way to let a viewer explore an elaborate project right from their seats. Here’s a good example that combines customer interviews and the walk-through experience. I think the customer and the team’s inputs certainly enhance the video’s content and what the brand is trying to highlight. Also notice how neatly their captions are done, I’ve been trying to recreate the same effect with templates for my videos and it’s turned out well.

To summarize my take on types of video you can create:

  • Branding films
  • Infographic videos
  • 2D/3D Animation videos
  • Walk- through experience videos

Of course these are just some examples I’ve come across, I’d love to hear from the others about what they think :thinking:


Hello Andy! :smile:
If you’re just starting off an explainer video is probably one of the first videos you’ll need to create. An explainer video can talk about who you are and what you do. This is also a great space to build credibility with workspace culture, sales history, notable achievements, brand presence across the country, and anything else that might help your audience to connect with you.

I noticed how real estate videos tend to be over the top when highlighting amenities and technology. Sure sales is the ideal goal but one thing I noticed was how consumers are more interested in the kind of community they’re buying into. Here’s where you can step in and explore what’s around to emphasize convenient living. This can be anything to secure comfortable living like schools, airports, parks, recreational spaces, community centers, shopping complexes, etc.

Once you’ve explored these, some other aspects of content you can explore are business reviews, case studies, going live with promotions\events\discussions, and realty market updates.

Hope this helped you with ideation! :+1: