What are some of the aspects to consider when creating videos for social media?

When creating videos for social media, I make sure these are content packed so my viewers have a lot to look forward to. But this doesn’t seem enough. I really want to learn new ways to maximize the effectiveness of the videos I put out. What are some of the aspects to consider when creating videos for social media?

Shout out to all you creative video experts on this community. Hoping someone can help me out :speaker:


Since you’re sharing cross social media platforms an important aspect to consider is TIME.

The video duration is crucial for the effectiveness of videos, and believe it or not, every social media platform has its own constraints. What works on one platform may not work on another. It took me bit of time to figure out how to craft my videos around this and not compromise on content.

In one of the surveys I came across nearly 56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long. So what should the ideal length of videos be? Hubspot explains this well estimating 30 seconds for Instagram videos, 45 seconds for Twitter videos, 60 seconds for Facebook videos, and 2 minutes for YouTube videos.

Here are a few things I’ve learned-

Short videos work best on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I thought cutting short my videos would mean cutting back on content, which is something I simply couldn’t afford to do. The smart way I found to work around this was to simply use the short videos to guide my viewers back to a YouTube video that had the whole story. These short videos successfully drew in a lot of views back to my videos on YouTube which was great.

I thoroughly understood the how this works from a post I read on Buffer . If you haven’t already checked it out I’m sure you’ll find it resourceful.
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I’m sure someone would’ve created an amazing checklist for creating social media videos the right way. Let me try to find some good resources and share it with you guys. @Aswin_Asok If you know any good references, please share! :blush:

Here’s a pretty cool fact about Instagram that I stumbled across that you might want to consider- Sprout Social Q2 2017 Index, estimates that 51% of millennials enjoy brand personality on Instagram. Of course Facebook and YouTube topped that chart. It’s a great choice to engage with a young crowd.

Since you’re looking to float your brand across multiple social media platforms it helps to keep your usernames (for Instagram and Snapchat, in your case) simple, which means doing away with underscores, special characters or numbers.

Two more ideas to consider-

· Stories

· Going live

All three platforms allow you to share stories with your audience which is a great way to engage with them. I’ve been able to do a lot of interesting things with filters, geo-tags, hashtags, text, colour overlays and tags.

Going live is another great way to keep your audience interested and looking forward to your videos. Some of the ideas I’ve been trying out is to include sneak-peaks, or behind the scenes of the making of the video,and promotional offer shout outs- all of which are linked to my website.

It would be great to hear how these worked out for!:smile:


Hey, @Matthew. Thanks for the A2A. In fact, I have something of a checklist for creating amazing videos and I’m so happy to share with you guys. And, hey @andychen, thank you, you have done a very good job at pinpointing and explaining the importance of TIME for videos.

Nowadays people are consuming social media like anything and lengthy and long videos are the last thing they might want to stick to when with just a swipe they could get breathtaking contents.

So, when making videos, it’s very important that you have to cut out anything that is not helping you in your storytelling. In fact, the first 10 seconds of a video decide whether it will fly or not.

With that being said, I will move on to explaining the importance of having the following contents when you are about to create videos for social media.

  1. Different screen sizes

If you are creating videos for social media, you must be aiming for multiple platforms, right? Well, here is the catch.

Contents that you publish for social media only gives you instant mileage if it gets created just for it. That is, a 2-minute video you made for YouTube may not give you the same engagement it got from Twitter, and the same goes for Instagram.

Every platform has its own limitations, work around your contents to make it more engaging in each platform. For example, your 2-minute video has to be trimmed short to its bare essentials to get engagement on Instagram.

  1. Silent-proof or mute marketing

There was a time when people went watching videos on a muted mode in Facebook. Well, here is a subjective and personal opinion. For me, while scrolling down on Instagram, only when I get interested in the video thumbnail and the initial action I get from the videos will I ever unmute and decide to watch it, otherwise I will scroll down. I hope those who use Instagram can relate to this.

Moreover, people are using smartphones everywhere and this includes places where a smartphone with sounds coming out may seem a little not-okay.

So, in my opinion, tweaking your script a little bit and adding contents like highlighted texts and subtitles and captions will help a tone in making people interested in your content. Moreover, there will also be people who are not familiar with the sounds or language you use in your video.

And, there will also be people who have poor hearing or hearing disability. So tweaking contents a little bit so everyone can access it may not be a bad thing I guess. But finally, it’s your call.

  1. Highlighted text

You must be familiar with the highlighted text. This one is the killer when it comes to engaging social media videos. The text will complement your videos really well than anything. This will help you give people nice and good snackable content. A well-crafted video will also have the potential of virality. So when making videos and adding text to your videos, it will be good to ask for advice from your friends, peers or family. For this, you guys can use the Typito for Teams feature. You can easily add someone who can give you some pointers on creating videos, choosing colours and animations on texts. Collaborate and create something new.

  1. Importance of Storytelling

People like stories very much. You can use storytelling to engage with your audience. Stories are very much powerful in creating emotions. So get your storytelling right to get more likes, and shares in social media.

While making videos for social media, it’s always better to keep it - Short, simple and on point. Come up with a good video thumbnail is also very crucial.

I Hope this helps :relaxed:


Thanks @Aswin_Asok This was a pretty comprehensive list :grin: :ok_hand: